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The Great Importance of Teachers

National Teacher Appreciation Day is March 4th.  

In 2020 school looked very different for many families. Some guardians homeschooled their kids for the first time and Zoom meetings replaced the classroom for many students.  Teachers faced new obstacles and found creative ways to educate in trying circumstances. This disruption of learning helped us appreciate our teachers more than ever before. Now, as in-person learning is in sight, we honor our teachers and look forward to seeing them in the classroom once more. 

A Teacher Like You by Frank Murphy
Teachers shape the lives of their students by encouraging them to follow their interests and providing them with the right tools. Students count on teachers to show them kindness and patience as they learn to navigate our diverse and wonderful world. A Teacher Like You is a celebration of teachers and their ability to create a nurturing environment where kids can thrive!

Go See the Principal: True tales from the school trenches by Gerry Brooks
Elementary school principal, Gerry Brooks, entertains thousands with his Youtube videos. He takes common public school problems like temper tantrums, cafeteria food, and lesson plans gone wrong and turns them into hilarious story videos. His book features comedy, of course, alongside some of the more practical problems educators face. Go See the Principal is all at once advice, encouragement, and comic relief.

Letters to a Young Teacher by Jonathan Kozol
In this collection of letters from Jonathan Kozol to Francesca, a first grade teacher in inner-city Boston, Kozol describes his own stories from public school. Their correspondence turns to the controversial issues of standardized testing taking the place of critical thinking, private corporations invading education, and the inequalities of urban schools. The letters are also full of joyful moments and the excitement of children ready to learn. Letters to a Young Teacher combines realistic trials of the education system with stories of the wonder students can experience when guided by an attentive teacher.

Teacher Burnout Turnaround: Strategies for empowered educators by Patricia A. Jennings
Underappreciation and lack of support are causing teachers to throw in the towel after years of not being heard. Patricia A. Jennings sees a way out. Dr. Jennings, an educational psychologist, studied the stressful factors that lead to teacher burnout. In her book, she presents strategies that can help teachers manage their stress directly, in order to avoid occupation frustration.

Teachers Rock! by Todd Parr
Teachers do so many things! They read us stories, teach us new subjects, and help us make friends. In his book, Todd Parr shows us the many ways teachers make the classroom a wonderful place to be. This showcase of teachers' creativity and caring is sure to get the child in your life excited for school!

Teaching Kids to Think: Raising confident, independent, & thoughtful children in an age of instant gratification by Darlene Sweetland PhD & Ron Stolberg PhD
Teaching Kids to Think, helps parents and teachers to resist their children's desire for instant gratification. Practical tips and solutions help form thinking skills that lead to a more confident, critical, creative, and independent child.

The Freedom Writers Diary by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell
New teacher Erin Gruwell did not expect to find a race war in her class room on the first day of the school year, but her students sat broken up into ethnic cliques. She realized that many of her students lived in the constant turmoil of gang violence yet did not know about the Holocaust. After a racially charged caricature was drawn by one of her students, Gruwell dedicated herself to switching up her lesson plan so that her students could see themselves in the stories they read in order to learn empathy for each other. This book contains excerpts from the class room journals of her students and reveal their growth through poems and raw accounts of their home lives. The Freedom Writers Diary is an excellent example of the life-long impact a teacher can have on the lives of students both in and out of the classroom.

What School Could Be: Insights and inspiration from teachers across America by Ted Dintersmith
Ted Dintersmith offers a vision of what education could be if students and teachers were trusted to respond to the technological age with creativity and innovation. Dintersmith argues that the current curriculum does not prepare students for the world they face today. With daring ideas from teachers and classrooms across America, What School Could Be is a blueprint for change, innovation, and real learning.

What Teachers Make: In praise of the greatest job in the world by Taylor Mali
Our students need their teachers now more than ever. When asked at a dinner party what kind of salary teachers make, Taylor Mali responded with a poetic rant that has since been reposted millions of times on social media. Mali's poem struck a chord with teachers across the nation as it emphasizes the joys and necessity of teaching beyond the paycheck.


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