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1950 Census

The National Archives and Records Administration will release the 1950 Census on April 1, 2022. Access to census data is restricted for seventy-two years to protect confidentiality. The 1950 census recorded standard questions such as names, age, race, sex, marital status, occupation, and other core genealogical information.  

Patricia Ann Foster (left) was just 36 hours
old when this picture was taken of her mother, Mrs. J.S. Foster was enumerated at Springfield Baptist Hospital for the 1950 Census. The enumerator was Mrs. Dorothy Wetzell.

Mrs. Frances Anderson (above right) enumerated Don Shinkler for the 1950 census. Shinkler, who came to Greene County from Colorado, planned to start an electrical engineering firm.

The 1950 Census also includes questions about military service and specific service questions about both world wars. The census will be searchable via name on April 1st. Additional search options will be added as further indexing has been completed. You will be able to find the census online through,, and other genealogical websites. Visit the Local History & Genealogy department for assistance with access and searching.

The National Archives has a countdown clock to the release of the census here.

The U.S. Census Bureau has blank 1950 sample census sheets to view.


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