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Crisis in Haiti: What You Can Do To Help

If you're just now catching wind of the news, here is what is going on in Haiti. This news blog provides up-to-the-minute reports of crisis and relief efforts in Haiti.

Want to help?  Currently, the best help you can provide is through a monetary donation to an organization funneling supplies and medical personnel to Haiti. The following is a list of reputable organizations and charities currently taking donations through their websites or by phone:

If you'd rather put your money into more specific items, The Goods is a website where you can purchase items like first aid kits, water purification tablets, protein biscuits and immunizations for victims in Haiti.

And, for quite possibly the first time in history, you can directly text funds to Haiti through the Red Cross from your cell phone.  Text "HAITI"  to 90999 and a $10 charge will be added to your next cell phone bill.  Absolutely all of your donation goes directly to people in need - none to your carrier.

Every little bit helps.  Contact your local branch of the Springfield-Greene County Library for more information.

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