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How would you react if everything you believed about your family changed in an instant?

Sir Paul Nurse was surprised to find that his application for a green card was rejected by the Department of Homeland Security. Parental information on Sir Paul's birth certificate was deemed incomplete so he applied to the British General Register Office for a new, more complete version. 

What Sir Paul found on his birth certificate turned his life upside down. The name of his mother on the certificate was the name of the person he thought was his sister and the space for the father was not filled in. 

This meant that all of his genealogical relationships changed. His parents became his grandparents, his brothers were now uncles, and some nieces and nephews became half brothers and half sisters.

Unfortunately, Sir Paul's real mother, Miriam, and both his grandparents are deceased, so the identity of Sir Paul's father may never be determined.

 Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse talks for the first time about the search for his father.

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