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Follow Librarian Tammy Flippen at NASA's "Tweetup" May 19-20

Librarian Tammy Flippen is going to NASA, and the world can follow her on Twitter at

Flippen, a reference librarian in the Springfield-Greene County Library District, is one of 50 individuals chosen to attend NASA’s “Tweetup” at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, in connection with the space shuttle Atlantis’ STS-132 mission.

She and the others will arrive and begin filing tweets as Atlantis begins docking procedures with the orbiting International Space Station. Atlantis was expected to lift off from Johnson Space Center on Friday, May 14.

Through Flippen and other participants, NASA hopes to provide a different perspective of shuttle mission operations by encouraging them to Tweet about what they see and do as they tour the center, mission control and the astronauts’ training facilities. She and others will also speak with NASA managers, flight directors, trainers and astronauts, and share what she hears through Twitter.

To see what all 50 participants are saying during the event, go to

Flippen, who also serves as Funding Information Center Coordinator at the Library Center, is personally funding the trip.

Space shuttle Atlantis is embarking on its final planned mission. During the 12-day flight, Atlantis and six astronauts will fly to the International Space Station, leaving behind a Russian Mini Research Module, a set of batteries for the station's truss and dish antenna, and other replacement parts.

NASA astronaut Ken Ham will command an all-veteran flight crew: Pilot Tony Antonelli, and Mission Specialists Michael Good, Garrett Reisman, Piers Sellers and Steve Bowen.

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