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Sunshine Law - Find information about the top ten things you should know about keeping a record of public meetings. There is also a template for constructing a written policy regarding public meetings. Throughout the state, public meetings regarding the sunshine law have been scheduled. Complaint forms and details about the Sunshine Law are also available on this site.

Missouri's No Call List - Register your phone number to restrict unwanted telemarketing calls made to your home. Be aware that only residential numbers owned by private individuals can be registered. There is also a feature to register a "no call complaint" if you have previously registered your number.

Check a Charity - When requested, charities that have filed with the IRS as a tax-exempt organization, will submit their information to the Attorney General's office. Then, individuals may look up the charity to verify its status. Individuals can also learn how much money the charity has received in the reporting year, and how much was spent by the charity.

Consumer Corner - Provides consumers with helpful information like an encyclopedia of consumer terms, consumer publications, calculators and downloadable worksheets to assist with financial decisions and planning. There is also a list of government and private agencies pertaining to consumer needs.

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