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Move 'em out! Cattle Drives in Western Fiction

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Battle of the Mountain Man
by William Johnstone Details
When a blizzard brings a posse of lethal renegades and a cattle war ensues, Smoke Jensen and John Chisum will let nothing stand in the way of leading their herd of cattle to safety and annihilating their mutual enemies.
Blood for Brother: A Bonnet for Bess: A Western Story
by Mackey Murdock Details
Rawls Slaton's return to the Texas ranch he shares with his brother Marcus following his discharge from the Confederate Army is anything but triumphant. Rawls is afoot, disheveled, and plagued by an odd nervous condition. In order to save their ranch from ruin, the brothers must mount a great cattle drive north to the Kansas market where they can get a decent price for beef. They must first build up their remuda from wild horses on the range. Unfortunately, a gang of Comancheros are after the same horses.
Brothers in Blood
by Dusty Richards Details
Arizona Is Hard Country...Chet Byrnes is building a new life in Arizona Territory as he expands his cattle ranching operation--but trouble just keeps coming. A brutal Apache attack on his cattle drive. A friend's young daughter is abducted, and the search leads Chet and his men to the wild town of Tombstone and ultimately south of the border, where everything comes with a price...and life is cheap. And Chet Brynes Is A Hard Man...As much as Chet longs to stay close to home and his beloved wife, friends and family continue to need his brand of help. He's able to track stagecoach robbers and face down threats to his kin. But the pursuit of a band of ruthless rustlers ends in a devastating tragedy for the Brynes family...
Dark Trail to Dodge
by Cotton Smith Details
The Triple C cattle drive from Texas to Kansas becomes fraught with danger and hardship as John Checker, a Texas Ranger, Tyrel Bannon, a young man on his first cattle drive, and their companions confront stubborn cows, perilous river crossings, stampedes, and rustlers
Death Along the Cimarron: A Ralph Compton Novel
by Ralph Cotton Details
On a cattle drive north, young gun Danielle Strange falls in love with one of the drovers. Now she must choose between letting him, the last of her father's murderers, go free-and sacrificing her own life to send the bushwhacker to Hell.
Series -
Blazing Series 4
Hard Winter: A Western Story
by Johnny D Boggs Details
Jim Hawkins tells his grandson about his wild days as a teenage cowboy, riding with Tommy O'Hallahan and their mentor, John Henry Kenton, and traveling north to Montana to work on big cattle spreads.
Judgment Day
by Frank Roderus Details
Redhorse Butte cowpuncher Johnny Ackerman dreams of marrying the prettiest girl in town. But he gets some competition when the new schoolmaster, an Eastern dandy, becomes the object of the girl's affection.
by Louis L'Amour Details
Driving a herd of longhorns from Texas to New Mexico provides Dan Killoe the opportunity to prove himself to his father, and to learn more about Tap Henry, the dashing gunman that Dan thought he knew like a brother.
Lonely on the Mountain
by Louis L'Amour Details
To help a cousin in need, the Sackett brothers drive 1,100 head of cattle across the wide Dakota plains toward Canada, weathering adversity along the way
Series -
The Sacketts
Miami Gundown: A Frontier Story
by Michael Zimmer Details
With his father gone to fight for the South, Boone McCallister and the cow hunters of the Flat Iron Ranch drive 250 head of scrawny cattle to a Gulf port south of Tampa, dodging Yankees as well as a degenerate bunch of swamp outlaws.
North of Cheyenne
by John D. Nesbitt Details
Monte Casteel rides into the small Wyoming town of Eagle Spring and ends up staying longer than he intended. He doesn't know, however, that a range war is brewing, hired guns are coming in, and before long he'll be caught right in the middle.
Ride South to Purgatory: A Western Story
by James C. Work Details
Pasque lives to avenge the murder of his brothers, when two of the men he suspects show up at his uncle's ranch. But his uncle, the powerful owner of Keystone Ranch, cautions him to be patient. Suddenly, Pasque's life changes entirely. A giant of a man shows up at the Keystone Christmas Party with a peculiar challenge: one man will fire three shots point-blank at him. If he isn't killed, he'll be back next Christmas and the tables will be turned. Itching for a confrontation, Pasque takes him on, beginning a mysterious journey that will end in exactly one year.
Six Bits a Day
by Elmer Kelton Details
Hewey Calloway and his kid brother Walter head for West Texas -- hoping to live their cowboy dream. But when Walter's crush on a gal threatens the dream, Hewey plots to get Walter back in the saddle again.
The Baron War
by Jory Sherman Details
In an eerie preview to the Civil War, the Rio Grande Valley girds itself for battle as Martin Baron, head of the Baron Empire, struggles against greedy Matteo Aluilar, who threatens everything that Martin has built for himself. The land is soaked in blood as Aguilar sends his vaqueros and assassins to take the Barons down. As the treachery continues to escalate, the very heartbeat of Texas pulses in this thrilling tale of greed and mortal combat.
The Big Drift
by Patrick Dearen Details
Will Brite is a Slash Five cowboy working in the Middle Concho region of Texas in the winter of 1884 when a blizzard descends upon him--the likes of which he has never seen. Trapped under his horse and entangled in a barbed wire fence, Will finds an unexpected (and unwelcome) savior in the form of Zeke Boles, a former slave on the run from a bloody, guilt-filled past. In Zeke's dark features Will sees a reflection of the haunting memories he has been trying to escape for so long, but he reluctantly offers him shelter for the night at the Slash Five camp. Little does he know that their lives will be inexorably linked in the spring of '85 through what will be one of the most brutal roundups of the nineteenth century.
The Cowboy and the Cossack
by Clair Huffaker Details
Fifteen Montana cowboys sail into Vladivostok with a herd of five hundred longhorns, ready to cross a thousand miles of Siberian wilderness. When a band of Cossacks, Russia's elite horsemen and warriors, shows up to escort these rough and ready Americans to their destination, the clash of cultures begins. The feud between American six shooter and Russian saber is embodied in two men: Shad, the leader of the Montana cowboys, and Rostov, the Cossack commander. Nature and man are enemies that will force them to work together--and a ruthless Tartar army that stands between them and their destination. The code of the cowboy West and the credo of the Cossack East seem to be two different measures of a man--but honor and courage are the same in any language when a common enemy must be faced.
The Devil's Roundup
by Will Cook Details
This thrilling saga, told in a series of connected stories, reveals an entire frontier community's growth through moments filled with excitement, drama, and highly memorable characters.
The Goodnight Trail
by Ralph Compton Details
Rounding up unbranded cattle with Charles Goodnight, former Texas Rangers Benton McCaleb, Will Elliot, and Brazos Gifford battle flooded rivers, parched desert, and Comanches.
The Lean Rider
by Cliff Farrell Details
Abel Barbee had no choice. He had to make the drive through Apache country from Texas to Reno--it was the only place he'd get a fair price for his longhorns. But Abel knew that Apaches weren't all he'd have to fight. Kemp Travis and his gang were waiting--and Travis wanted Abel's herd bad enough to kill for it.
The Ogallala Trail
by Dusty Richards Details
The ranchers of Frio Springs are praying that veteran cowpuncher Sam Ketchum will succeed in driving their cattle to the rich markets of Nebraska. But ghosts still haunt Sam from his last drive -- and the road has only become tougher. Comanches, cattle, and notorious gunslingers wait to strike along the way. To make matters worse, Sam finds himself caught up in a deadly family feud that he may have to settle before his own trail comes to an end.
The Range Wolf
by Andrew J. Fenady Details
Christopher Guthrie was bred by money, educated by Harvard, and saved from the Civil War by an oak desk in Washington D.C. Towering, fierce Wolf Riker was honed by a kind of suffering Guthrie could never imagine. Fate throws them together when a stagecoach is set upon by killers. The price for Guthrie's survival is joining Riker's trail drive to Kansas. Cut off from his past and civilization, Christopher Guthrie will emerge a different man...for better or worse.
The Sunset Trail: A Western Story
by L.P. Holmes Details
Jeff Kennett and his drovers have brought a herd of 2,000 longhorns all the way from Texas to California, believing there is a fortune to be made by transporting the cattle by river boat to San Francisco. The Gold Rush is on and there is a tremendous demand for beef. Kennett has been referred to Captain Bill Ballinger, headquartered in Sacramento, as the man who can best pilot the cattle downriver. But Colonel Nathaniel Sharpe and his partner, Noah Carlin, assure Kennett that they can accomplish the job faster and cheaper than Ballinger, and they won't take no for an answer
Tucker's Law
by Robert Redding Details
On a trail drive to Abilene, Brad Tucker, trail boss for the EW ranch, and his men are raided, his herd rustled and all but two of his crew killed deliberately. They managed to escape the slaughter, Brad, a young puncher named Red, and Stace, a man with secrets.In Abilene, Tucker happens upon Gail Fanchy, owner the GF spread, which, a few weeks before, had also been rustled. Like Brad, all the crew had been butchered, including her father. Gail has remained at the GF ranch to take care of business but traveled to Abilene with the hopes of learning who killed her father and the crew.As Tucker, Gail, Stace and Red team up to seek revenge, Slick Comer, and his accomplice Ten, gather up a gang of rustlers to continue pillaging the nearby ranches. Comer is the brains, Ten is the gunman who's motto is "Dead lips don't talk." He sees to it all humans on a drive he rustles are killed.With the increase of more rustling and merciless killing Tucker, along with these three friends, eventually learn about Slick and Ten and set out to prove that they are the gang responsible in a battle to the death
West to Comanche County
by Doug Bowman Details
When Kirb Renfro and his wife left Tennessee for the vast plains of Texas, they were looking for a place to call home. Then, during their first winter, that dream is shattered when Kirb finds his wife raped and murdered. Vowing to send the men to their Maker, Kirb goes on a manhunt, acquiring along the way the reputation as the fastest gunman and most heartless killer in Texas history.
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