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Alzheimer's -- Learning and Coping

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How to Live Well with Early Alzheimer's
by Deborah Mitchell Details
Whether you've been experiencing mild to moderate memory loss, or are in the early stages of Alzheimer's, learn the facts and live smarter, healthier, and happier.
I'm Still Here: A Breakthrough Approach to Understanding Someone Living with Alzheimer's
by John Zeisel Details
"I'm Still Here" focuses on connecting with individuals with Alzheimer's through their abilities that don't diminish with time, such as understanding music, art, facial expressions, and touch. Zeisel demonstrates that people who have the disease are highly creative and emotionally intelligent. Harnessing these capacities, and using other approaches to treatment, such as building memory cues into their living environment, encourages independent movement and helps eliminate sources of frustration.
Learning to Speak Alzheimer's
by Joanne Koenig Coste Details
After a major stroke left her husband paralyzed, unable to speak, and with significant progressive memory loss, Coste became his caregiver while raising four children. Refusing to institutionalize him, she developed a humanistic approach to caregiving ("habilitation") that focuses on enhancing the individual's remaining functional, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual abilities by creating a positive atmosphere that promotes feelings of success.
Measure of the Heart: A Father's Alzheimer's, a Daughter's Return
by Mary Ellen Geist Details
For everyone who loves someone with Alzheimer's, Geist observes, there are markers and moments that tell you the disease is on the way. Her account of two years spent helping a person with Alzheimer's stay in this world is both travel guide and love story, neither in the conventional sense. As Geist makes her way, trying new things, failing, scratching plans, making mistakes, and starting all over again, she uses her professional skills as a journalist and TV anchor to incorporate conversations with other caregivers, consultation with experts and wide reading in the literature.
The Alzheimer's Project: Momentum in Science
by John Hoffman Details
This companion book to the HBO Documentary Films series brings us inside the laboratories and clinics of the nation's top scientists and physicians who are clearing the path to a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's disease, which affects 5 million Americans. It is a fascinating story of scientific discovery that shows what recent breakthroughs might mean for improving our chances of remaining cognitively vital throughout a long life.
The Geography of Memory: A Pilgrimage Through Alzheimer's
by Jeanne Murray Walker Details
Award-winning poet Jeanne Murray Walker tells an extraordinarily wise, witty, and quietly wrenching tale of her mother's long passage into dementia. THE GEOGRAPHY OF MEMORY is not only a personal journey made public in the most engaging, funny, and revealing way possible, here is a story of redemption for anyone who is caring for or expecting to care for ill and aging parents-and for all the rest of us as well.
Updated 04/11/2015

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