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Camp Wild Survival
by Jake Marcionette Details
When his dad takes him and his sister to Camp Wild Survival during summer break, Jake Mathews and his family find themselves in some harrowing, hilarious situations.
Series -
Just Jake
Hamstersaurus Rex
by Tom O'Donnell Details
Eleven-year old Sam befriends a hungry class hamster that undergoes a freaky transformation.
How to Capture an Invisible Cat
by Paul Tobin Details
Socially awkward fifth-grade genius Nate Bannister recruits his classmate Delphine to help him reverse one of his many experiments (a dinosaur-sized, invisible cat) while foiling the schemes of the world's most dastardly organization, the Red Death Tea Society.
Series -
Genius Factor
I, Funny: a Middle School Story
by James Patterson Details
Hoping to become a stand-up comedian despite being a wheelchair-bound middle school student, Jamie Grimm endures bullying from his mean-spirited cousin and hopes he will be fairly judged when he enters a local comedy contest.
Inspector Flytrap
by Tom Angleberger Details
Hoping to become the greatest detective that ever grew, Inspector Flytrap, a Venus Flytrap, and his assistant, Nina the Goat, investigate "big deal" mysteries at an art museum, a cookie shop, and a garden. For Grades 1 - 4. Lexile 510.
Jacky Ha-Ha
by James Patterson Details
"Twelve-year-old Jacky "Ha-Ha" Hart is a class clown with a penchant for pranking--and when she's required to act in the school play to appease her frustrated teachers, she must conquer her stutter"-- Provided by publisher.
King of the Bench: No Fear!
by Steve Moore Details
Steve, a self-proclaimed benchwarmer, navigates his first year on the middle school baseball team while suffering from a case of bean-o-phobia--a fear of being hit with the ball!
My Miserable Life
by Francesca Lia Block Details
An overprotective mother, an unfriendly older sister, and a friend-stealing school bully are some of the challenges faced by thoughtful ten-year-old Ben Hunter of Filmland, California.
Starship Bloopers
by John Kloepfer Details
You'd think saving the universe not once but twice would buy you a little time off. Not so for Kevin Brewer and his science-camp buddies. They've just got word that their favorite comic book author, Max Grayson, is in terrible danger--and so is the universe! The kids have no choice but to head to outer space to save their hero and prevent a diabolic breed of aliens from annihilating their home galaxy.
Stick Dog Slurps Spaghetti
by Tom Watson Details
When they come across spaghetti in their search for a tug-of-war rope, Stick Dog and his hungry friends go on a quest for more pasta that sees them scale their suburb's tallest mountain and sneak into a restaurant filled with humans.
Series -
Stick Dog
The Bad Guys
by Aaron Blabey Details
The Bad Guys, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Piranha, want to be heroes, and they decide that the way to do it is free the 200 dogs in the city dog pound--but their plan soon goes awry.
Series -
Bad Guys
The Bolds
by Julian Clary Details
Two hyenas from Africa find a pair of passports (memo: do not go swimming in a crocodile pool), and move to Teddington, England, where they live suburban lives, hold jobs, and raise their children to hide their tails and act human--the only trouble is old Mr. McNumpty, their nosy neighbor, who is hiding a secret of his own.
The Book You're Not Supposed to Have
by Stephan Pastis Details
This book was never meant to exist. No one needs to know the details. Just know this: there's a Merry, a Larry, a missing tooth, and a teachers' strike that is crippling Timmy Failure s academic future. Worst of all, Timmy is banned from detective work.
Series -
Timmy Failure
The Gigantic Giant Goof-Up
by Sarah Courtauld Details
When Lavender's magical attempt marry a prince gets her and sister Eliza kidnapped by giants, it is up to Eliza and her amazing goat Gertrude to save the day--again.
The Terrible Two Get Worse
by Mac Barnett Details
Friends and pranking partners Miles and Niles face a tough challenge when their favorite goat and nemesis, Principal Barkin, is replaced by his stern, no-nonsense father, Former Principal Barkin, who turns the school into boot camp
Series -
Terrible Two
Updated 01/30/2017

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