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A Bittersweet Season: Caring For Our Aging Parents and Ourselves
by Jane Gross Details
The author shares her frustrating, heartbreaking, enlightening, and ultimately redemptive journey, providing us along the way with valuable information that she wishes she had known earlier.
Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
by Mary Pipher Details
A field guide to for a generation of baby boomers who are finding themselves unprepared to care for those who have always cared for them. Psychologist and bestselling writer Mary Pipher maps out strategies that help bridge the gaps that separate us from our elders and offers us new ways of supporting each other--new ways of sharing our time, our energy, and our love.
Caring For Your Aging Parents: A Common-Sense Guide for Transforming a Difficult Time Into A Loving, Cooperative Relationship
by Raeann Berman Details
provides crucial insights into aging and the attending problems that affect relationships between the elderly and the middle-aged kids who love them, and are responsible for their care. Readers will find answers to questions most asked by caregivers.
Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents Even if They Didn't Take Care of You
by Roberta Satow Details
Illustrates how early parent-child and sibling relationships color the caregiving experience in midlife. This book focuses on caregiving as a developmental stage that provides us with an opportunity to work out some of the unresolved issues still lurking from childhood, and to enrich the relationship between the generations.
Happiness is Growing Old at Home: Discover New Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Remain Independent
by Maria Tadd Details
Offers creative, cost-effective ideas on how to help a parent grow old at home with dignity. She introduces the reader to an exciting world of new, easy-to-use, high-tech devices and suggests how they can work in tandem with more traditional care.
How to Care for Aging Parents: A One-Stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues
by Virginia Morris Details
An authoritative, clear, and comforting source of advice and support for the ever-growing number of Americans--now 42 million--who care for an elderly parent, relative, or friend.
My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing "Slow Medicine" - The Compassionate Approach to Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones
by Dennis McCullogh Details
Counsels baby boomers on caring for aging parents through their final years, addressing the negative aspects of intensive care, discussing the pros and cons of alternative therapies, and sharing advice about the challenges of overseeing a parent's death.
The Caregiver's Survival Handbook: How to Care For Your Aging Parent Without Losing Yourself
by Alexis Abramson Details
Offers practical caregiving advice for women caught between the needs of their elderly relatives and their young families and helps them deal with the emotional concerns they face.
The complete eldercare planner : where to start, which questions to ask, and how to find help
by Joy Loverde Details
This thoroughly revised and updated 2009 edition of The Complete Eldercare Planner equips you with reliable, up-to-the-minute information to help you plan and manage caring for your loved ones. Contains tips on prioritizing and organizing caregiving tasks, balancing work and family responsibilities, and navigating the complex maze of eldercare services.
The Daughter Trap: Taking Care of Mom and Dad -- And You
by Laurel Kennedy Details
This book answers the question "now what?" and helps women successfully juggle caregiving, careers, kids, siblings and marriage on their own terms. It's all about new options, clear priorities and no guilt.
The Eldercare Handbook: Difficult Choices, Compassionate Solutions
by Stella Mora Henry Details
Long-term care expert Stella Henry helps readers navigate the daunting logistics and powerful emotions of making care decisions for an elderly parent or loved one.
They're Your Parents, Too!: How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents' Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy
by Francine Russo Details
Offers all the information, insight, and advice you'll need to make productive choices as you and your siblings begin to assume your parents' place as the decision-making generation of your family.
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