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Behind the Shattered Glass
by Tasha Alexander Details
The story takes readers into the gilded world of a British manor house and below stairs to the servants who know all the secrets. One family's hidden past and a forbidden passion are the clues to a puzzle only Lady Emily can solve.
City of Darkness and Light
by Rhys Bowen Details
Agreeing to flee New York City when her husband is targeted by a gang for his part in a high-profile arrest, Molly travels to Paris to stay with art-student friends whose disappearances are tied to the murder of a renowned Impressionist artist.
Frog Music
by Emma Donoghue Details
Summer of 1876: San Francisco is in the fierce grip of a record-breaking heat wave and a smallpox epidemic. Through the window of a railroad saloon, a young woman named Jenny Bonnet is shot dead. The survivor, her friend Blanche Beunon, is a French burlesque dancer. Over the next three days, she will risk everything to bring Jenny's murderer to justice--if he doesn't track her down first.
Hunting Shadows
by Charles Todd Details
A man is murdered at a society wedding held at Ely Cathedral, and the local police are mystified. In the end, they send for Scotland Yard, but not before another man is killed. This time, there's a witness, but her description of the killer is so strange that no one believes her.
Leaving Everything Most Loved
by Jacqueline Winspear Details
London, 1933. Two months after the body of an Indian woman named Usha Pramal is found in the brackish water of a South London canal, her brother, newly arrived in England, turns to Maisie Dobbs to find out the truth about her death.
Series -
Maisie Dobbs
Murder in Chelsea
by Victoria Thompson Details
Sarah Brandt and Sergeant Frank Mallloy scour Victorian Manhattan to investigate the death of a nursemaid who claims to know the birthmother of Sarah's daughter. 2013 Agatha Award nominee for best historical novel.
Raiders of the Nile
by Steven Saylor Details
In 88 B.C. it seems as if all the world is at war. The young Gordianus--a born-and-raised Roman citizen--is living in Alexandria, making ends meet by plying his trade of solving puzzles and finding things out for pay. He whiles away his time with his slave Bethesda, waiting for the world to regain its sanity. But on the day Gordianus turns twenty-two, Bethesda is kidnapped by brigands who mistake her for a rich man's mistress.
The Bellingham bloodbath : a Colin Pendragon mystery
by Gregory Harris Details
Private detectives Colin Pendragon and Ethan Pruitt have only three days to solve the murder of an army officer and his wife before they will be forced to take part in a cover-up, and their Scotland Yard rival is working against them.
The witch hunter's tale
by Samuel S. Thomas Details
In Puritan England, midwife Bridget Hodgson is unwillingly drawn into a full-scale witch-hunt that pits her against the most dangerous men in York, as well as her sworn enemy, forcing her to decide how far she is willing to go to protect her loved ones.
Why Kings Confess
by C. S. Harris Details
In Regency England, the gruesome murder of a young French physician draws aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his pregnant wife, Hero, into a dangerous, decades-old mystery as a wrenching piece of Sebastian's past puts him to the ultimate test.
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