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A Creed for My Profession: Walter Williams, Journalist to the World
by Ronald T. Farrar Details
This biography of Walter Williams details his life and career. Williams became convinced that journalism would never reach its potential until its practitioners had the opportunity for professional training in their field, so he established the first school of journalism.
Citizen Soldier: A Life of Harry S. Truman
by Aïda DiPace Donald Details
When Harry S. Truman left the White House in 1953, his reputation was in ruins. Tarred by corruption scandals and his controversial decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan, he ended his second term with an abysmal approval rating, his presidency widely considered a failure. However, this dim view of Truman ignores his crucial role in the 20th century and his enduring legacy.
Dancing to a Black Man's Tune: A Life of Scott Joplin
by Susan Curtis Details
By using Scott Joplin's life as a window onto American social and cultural development at the turn of the century, this biography dramatizes the role of one brilliant African-American musician in defining the culture of a still-young nation.
Daniel Boone: An American Life
by Michael A. Lofaro Details
Based on primary sources, the book depicts Boone through the eyes of those who knew him and within the historical contexts of his eighty-six years. The story of Daniel Boone offers new insights into the turbulent birth and growth of the nation and demonstrates why the frontier forms such a significant part of the American experience.
George Caleb Bingham: Missouri's Famed Painter and Forgotten Politician
by Paul C. Nagel Details
Paul Nagel's biography of nineteenth-century American painter and statesman George Caleb Bingham assesses Bingham's artistic achievements and his service as a political leader in Missouri during Reconstruction. Illustrations include both well-known and rarely seen works by Bingham.
George Washington Carver: His Life and Faith in His Own Words
by William J. Federer Details
From a slave birth to international fame, Carver advised presidents, Congress, and world leaders. Discover the faith that motivated this great African-American scientist to create hundreds of uses for simple crops that revolutionized the economy of the South.
Into the Spotlight: Four Missouri Women
by Margot Ford McMillen Details
Into the Spotlight provides the biographies of four more remarkable Missouri women: Sacred Sun (also called Mohongo), Emily Newell Blair, Josephine Baker and Elizabeth Virginia Wallace.
Mark Twain
by Geoffrey C. Ward Details
This illustrated portrait of one of America's greatest writers follows Twain from his childhood, through his travels, to his career as a journalist and author. Material from his literary works, diaries, and letters is integrated throughout the biography.
Mrs. Dred Scott: A Life on Slavery's Frontier
by Lea VanderVelde Details
"Mrs. Dred Scott" chronicles Harriet's life from her adolescence on the 1830s Minnesota-Wisconsin frontier, to slavery-era St. Louis, through the eleven years of legal wrangling that ended with the high court's notorious decision. The book not only recovers her story, but also reveals that Harriet may well have been the lynchpin in this pivotal episode in American legal history.
Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography
by Laura Ingalls Wilder Details
"Pioneer Girl" follows the Ingalls family's journey through Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, back to Minnesota, and on to Dakota Territory through sixteen years of travels, unforgettable experiences, and the everyday people who became immortal through Wilder's fiction. Using additional manuscripts, letters, photographs, newspapers, and other sources, award-winning Wilder biographer Pamela Smith Hill adds valuable context and leads readers through Wilder's growth as a writer.
Stan Musial: An American Life
by George Vecsey Details
More than just a chronological recounting of the events of Musial's life, this is the definitive portrait of one of the game's best-loved but most unappreciated legends, told through the remembrances of those who played beside, worked with, and covered "Stan the Man" over the course of his nearly seventy years in the national spotlight.
The Life of Helen Stephens: The Fulton Flash
by Sharon Kinney-Hanson Details
"The Life of Helen Stephens: The Fulton Flash" tracks the athlete's rise from an awkward farm girl in Fulton, Missouri, to an international sports icon and record-breaking Olympic sprinter. Capturing the drama of Stephen's personal saga as well as the development of the modern Olympic games, this biography also calls attention to barriers female athletes overcame to participate in amateur and professional sports.
The Story of Rose O'Neill: An Autobiography
by Rose Cecil O'Neill Details
Rose O'Neill is best known as the creator of the Kewpie doll, but she had also earned a reputation as an illustrator. Yet, who was Rose O'Neill? In this autobiography, she describes her family life, friends, failed marriages, and career directions from girlhood to retirement in the Missouri Ozarks.
Thomas Hart Benton: A Life
by Justin P. Wolff Details
Born in Missouri at the end of the nineteenth century, Thomas Hart Benton would become the most notorious and celebrated painter America had ever seen. The first artist to make the cover of "Time," he was a true original: an heir to both the rollicking populism of his father's political family and the quiet life of his Appalachian grandfather. In his twenties, he would find his calling in New York, where he was drawn to memories of his small-town youth--and to visions of the American scene.
Uncovering the Truth About Meriwether Lewis
by Thomas Danisi Details
This is a fascinating collection of essays, based on the latest research, exploring the mysteries and controversies surrounding the life, adventures, and death of Meriwether Lewis.
Wilderness Journey: The Life of William Clark
by William E. Foley Details
Strange as it may seem today, William Clark accomplished far more than his famed Voyage of Discovery, dramatic and daring though that venture may have been. Although studies have been published on virtually every facet of the Lewis and Clark Journey, "Wilderness Journey" is the first comprehensive account of Clark's lengthy and multifaceted life. Following Lewis and Clark's great odyssey, Clark's service as a soldier, Indian diplomat, and government official placed him at center stage in the national quest to possess and occupy North America's vast western hinterland and prefigured U.S. policies in the region.
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