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Don't Mess With Texas

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by Robert J. Randisi Details
Once the toughest marshal in Oklahoma, Kyle Maddux finds himself with a bullet in his back and out of job following a brutal shooting, but the vengeful Maddux launches his own investigation, he uncovers a series of similar backshootings in Texas and sets out to bring the bushwhacker to justice, no matter what the cost.
Between Hell and Texas
by Ralph Cotton Details
After Cray Dawson helps bring down the Talbert Gang, he gains the reputation of a shootist. But Cray doesn't consider himself a gunfighter. All he wants to do is mosey on home to Somos Santos, Texas, and get back to chasing dogies. Trouble is, Somos Santos has changed since Cray last walked its dusty streets. There's a new sheriff in town by the name of Lematte, and the only law he keeps is his own. With an army of vicious outlaws riding shotgun as deputies, Lematte has the town under his thumb--until Cray decides to make the most of his bad reputation...
Carnage of Eagles
by William W and J.A. Johnstone Johnstone Details
When he exposes a conspiracy of greed and corruption in Sorrento, Texas, acting U.S. Marshal Falcon MacCallister is sentenced to hang and plots his revenge on the three men who have taken over Sorrento, refusing to go to the gallows quietly.
Destiny, Texas
by Brett Cogburn Details
Before the Civil War, Argyle Dollarhyde had everything a man could ever want: a beautiful wife, three strong sons, and a prosperous stake in the booming cotton industry. But now, Union troops have left the South in ruins--and Dollarhyde's life is in shambles. Refusing to fall prey to carpetbaggers, Dollarhyde gathers up his family and sets out for the one place a man can still live free: Texas. Where the natives are as dangerous as the land itself. Where wagon trails are forged in blood, cattle drives are defended by bullets, and oil fields are ripe for the taking. Here, with only a tiny dugout cabin and small herd of longhorns, Dollarhyde and his sons will carve out their future on the American frontier. This is their story. A grueling test of Lone Star grit. A defiant legacy of Lone Star pride. A life-or-death struggle for Lone Star freedom...and, finally, justice for all.
Don't Mess With Texas
by  Bob Smiley Details
A cowboy governor finds himself the accidental leader of Texas' right-wing revolution in this irreverent, entertaining debut novel that brilliantly lampoons all that's wrong with present-day politics while waving the flag behind everything that's right
Fast Guns out of Texas
by Ralph Cotton Details
Cray Dawson is en route to Black's Cut in Montana to stake his claim when he learns his old friend Fast Larry Shaw faked his death to escape his notoriety as a gunfighter. But Dawson discovers that his own prowess with firearms haunts him too.
Gentleman Rogue
by Matthew Braun Details
Old Texas would give way to new-- but not without a fight...They called it Hell's Half Acre: a violent sinkhole of dance halls and brothels, gaming dives and busthead saloons. To some citizens of Fort Worth, the only hope for Hell's Half Acre was to reform it. To others, it was a gold mine. And for one man, a shootist and gambler named Luke Short, it was a place to make a stand. Short wants to run an honest game with straight odds and build a future in Fort Worth. But plenty of people want to see him stone-cold dead. Now Short has no choice but to stake his claim, from behind the barrel of a loaded gun...
Longarm and the Tascosa Two-Step
by Tabor Evans Details
The notorious Bronson Tull is on trial for murder, and Longarm's got his hands full protecting the presiding judge from the wrath of Tull's family.
Series -
Palo Duro Shootout
by Kent Cornwell Details
The Civil War rages, but Josh Miles and Leeboy Strauss have decided to sit it out as cowhands in Texas, working for J. S. Tipton, who took them in years ago as teenagers and has become more of a father than a boss. Then a third man Tipton raised, Zeke Tanner, comes into their lives while they're driving a herd to market. Tanner, a Union officer, has hijacked a load of Confederate gold and is posing, along with his men, as Confederate soldiers. Tipton recognizes Tanner, and Tanner inadvertently kills him. When Miles and Strauss find out who killed their surrogate father, they take off in pursuit, hell-bent on revenge. Before they can administer frontier justice, they'll have to survive hostile Comanche territory. This is a solid, well-told western tale with nicely drawn characters and plenty of action
by Paul Bagdon Details
Town drunk L. B. Taylor, a.k.a. Pound, gets a chance to earn back his self-respect when Zeb Stone rides into town, looking for a partner, and teaches him a new career as a hired gun.
Reckoning at Dead Apache Springs
by Kent Conwell Details
Joe and Ira ride into Dead Apache Springs, Texas-- and into a tangled conspiracy of cold-blooded murder, barn burnings, cattle rustling, kidnapping, and buried gold. A hardnosed cowpoke battles a cattle baron who will stop at nothing to drive out smaller ranchers.
San Angelo Showdown
by William Johnstone Details
Young Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves became blood brothers on the day the rancher's son saved the halfbreed's life, forging a bond no one could ever break. As years passed, a legend grew of the breed and the white man who rode together. Trigger-happy outlaws are giving the Texas Rangers a lot more trouble lately than they can handle. So when Bodine and Two Wolves drift into the sleepy cattle town of San Angelo, Ranger Josiah Finch convinces them to pin on badges and put their talents to work for his side of the law. But the Rangers are caught off guard when a ruthless band of cattle thieves levels the town with dynamite. The thieves a big mistake, though, when they run for the Mexican border because now it's Sam and Matt's kind of fight, and they're going to see to it that the outlaws get what they're due.
South Texas Slaughter
by Jon Sharpe Details
Skye Fargo wasn't riding through Texas looking for trouble -- but Johnny Lobo's gang of bushwhackers gave him some for free. After Skye barely escapes with his life, Lobo and his boys make it plain that they're out for blood, and they're not about to go away without a taste. But they're going to learn that when you give the Trailsman trouble, he's going to return it right back to you -- in spades.
Series -
The Trailsman
Stands a Ranger
by Cotton Smith Details
Time Carlow is a Texas Ranger with a mighty dangerous job to do. A half-crazy killer named Silver Mallow has escaped from the jail in Bennett, Texas, and it's up to young Carlow to bring him back. All by himself. The killer has a three-day lead on him, and everything from luck to the weather seems to be against Carlow. Silver Mallow will do whatever it takes to stay out of jail, and he won't hesitate to use his gun. But he never counted on one determined Ranger.
Texas Cowboys
by Tim McGuire Details
Rance Cash finds himself in Abilene, which has grown prosperous, attracting the likes of Jesse James and Marshal Bill Hickock. But there's no amount of money that will keep Rance from busting a friend out of jail.
Texas Showdown: Two Texas Novels
by Elmer Kelton Details
This volume brings together two of Kelton's short novels written in the 1960s, under the blanket association of being vengeance tales of a sort set in Texas. "Pecos Crossing" follows two green and mightily frightened cowboys who fall on the wrong side of a famous Ranger and ex-lawman, who hunts them believing them responsible for his wife's shooting. "Shotgun" features two rival rancher families and a memorable villain who plays one against the other in a bloody-minded plot for revenge.
Texas Standoff: A Novel of the Texas Rangers
by Elmer Kelton Details
In Texas Standoff, Ranger Andy Pickard and his partner, Logan Daggett, are sent to central Texas to investigate a series of killings and cattle thefts. The two biggest cattlemen in the area blame each other for the violence, but it seems to Andy that neither man may be guilty. The case is complicated by the rise of a gang of "regulators"-masked vigilantes-and the arrival of a notorious hired gunman whose employer is unknown. The murder of a captured regulator and a standoff in the county jail wind up bringing to justice the men responsible for the killings and thievery. Among the culprits is a man whose guilt no one would have guessed, and among the ironies of the case is a telegram to the Rangers from the State of Texas notifying them that their services are no long required.
Series -
Texas Rangers
Texas Tornado
by John Sharpe Details
After he tries to break a beautiful young woman out of jail, Skye Fargo finds himself in prison, too--and at the mercy of a deadly marshal and a crooked mayor
Series -
The Alamo
by Frank Thompson Details
Although The Alamo fell in the early morning of March 6, 1836, the death of the Alamo defenders has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the cause of liberty. The memories of James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William B. Travis are as powerful today as when the Texan Army routed Santa Anna to the cry "Remember the Alamo!" This book is more than a tribute to those who fell defending the mission. It is a thoroughly researched, vividly illustrated, objective description of the circumstances building up to and leading from that stand. By using contemporary writings, this history describes the political and military organizations of both sides, the weapons and equipment available to them, and the enduringly famous personalities involved, creating a vivid picture of this dramatic battle and the period in which it was fought.
The Book of Murdock
by Loren D. Estleman Details
Posing as Brother Bernard Sebastian of the Church of Evangelical Truth, Murdock dons a clerical collar to worm his way into the good graces and confidences of the wary residents of Owen, Texas, in order to stop a gang of ruthless bandits who have been terrorizing the Texas panhandle
The coyote tracker : a Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger novel
by Larry D Sweazy Details
After a prostitute is murdered at the Easy Nickel saloon, Texas Ranger Josiah Wolfe finds his best friend, Scrap Elliot, in jail and wrongly accused. A strangely familiar horse and a mysterious code are the only clues Josiah has to prove his friend's innocence and save him from execution. Once a Yankee reporter gets involved, Josiah is led to Blanche Dumont's House of Pleasures, where he learns of a thieving, jail-broken accountant with strange ties to both the Easy Nickel and the town's wealthiest banker. With a new railroad line blazing into town, everyone--especially the arrogant young sheriff--is determined to clean up Austin. Faced with the ticking clock of Scrap's impending trial, Josiah Wolfe must find out who it was that went one step too far.
The Eyes of Texas
by William W and J.A. Johnstone Johnstone Details
Shady Rest, Texas has the dubious reputation for being the deadliest town in America. Getting yourself killed is as easy as blinking and twice as quick. Sure enough, Matt Jensen hasn't swallowed his whisky before the town's marshal is gunned down before his eyes. Matt defends himself by putting two bullets in the shooter's chest, unaware that he's in line for a $5,000 bounty--as long as he stays in Shady Rest to collect it.
The Grand Prize
by J.R. Roberts Details
Clint Adams tracks his stolen Colt to a makeshift, roving "town" set up for illegal boxing matches. To get his treasured pistol back, he'll have to prove that he's just as tough with his bare fists as he is with his gun.
The Texicans
by Nina Vida Details
Texas in the mid-19th century is the background for this novel. Aurelia Ruiz, daughter of a Mexican man and his Anglo wife, earns money for her family by curing people during a cholera epidemic. Once the outbreak is over (and the money is gambled away), her father sells her to a Texas Ranger. Mistreated by him, Aurelia wishes he would disappear, and soon enough he is killed fighting the Comanches. She then takes refuge in a Comanche camp. Meanwhile, Joseph Kimmel, a Polish Jew and former mountain man, fur trapper, and schoolteacher, sets out for San Antonio. He stops to help a runaway slave, who takes his supplies and money. Fortunately, Kimmel encounters Henry Castro, who is leading a wagon train with Alsatian immigrants to form a new settlement. Castro recruits him as treasurer. Kimmel ultimately becomes an independent rancher and obsessed with Aurelia, who has fled the camp. The exciting plot is rich and complex, and the author successfully enables readers to see events from the viewpoint of the many well-drawn characters
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