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A Bright Shining Lie
by Neil Sheehan Details
Chronicles the military career of Lt. Col. John Paul Vann, profiling his military and civilian roles in the Vietnam War. Sheehan's tragic biography of John Paul Vann is also a sweeping history of America's seduction, entrapment and disillusionment in Vietnam.
Beyond Combat: Women and Gender in the Vietnam Era
by Heather Marie Stur Details
Beyond Combat incorporates new voices into the Vietnam War narrative by looking at women's experiences. It also examines the ways in which ideas about masculinity shaped the American GI experience in Vietnam, and ultimately how some American men and women returned from Vietnam to challenge home front gender norms.
Decent Interval
by Frank Snepp Details
Widely regarded as a classic on the Vietnam War, "Decent Interval" provides a scathing critique of the CIA's role in and final departure from that conflict. The book was written at great risk and ultimately at great sacrifice by an author who had believed in the CIA's cause but was disillusioned by the agency's treacherous withdrawal, leaving thousands of Vietnamese allies to the mercy of an angry enemy. It remains today a riveting and powerful testament to one of the darkest episodes in American history.
Rolling Thunder In a Gentle Land: The Vietnam War Revisited
by Andrew Wiest Details
Written by fifteen renowned authors, this book examines the Vietnam War, providing a fresh insight into this controversial conflict. It includes first-hand accounts, maps and contemporary photographs, analysis from the soldiers involved and new perspectives from combatants on both sides, which provide an incisive investigation into this war.
The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam
by Andrew Wiest Details
In the spring of 1966, the war was still popular and the draftees of Charlie Company saw their service as a rite of passage. But by December 1967, when the company rotated home, only 30 men were not casualties--and they were among the first vets of the war to be spit on and harassed by war protestors as they arrived back the U.S. In this book, the author examines the experiences of a company from the only division in the Vietnam era to train and deploy together in similar fashion to WWII's famous 101st Airborne Division.
The Real History of the Vietnam War: A New Look at the Past
by Alan Axelrod Details
Examines the history of Vietnam leading up to the war, investigates the reasons for the conflict, looks at the war's escalation and progression (or lack thereof), and explores its repercussions then and now.
They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace in Vietnam and America, October 1967
by David Maraniss Details
Here is the epic story of Vietnam and the sixties told through the events of a few tumultuous days in October 1967. Maraniss weaves together three very different worlds of that time: the death and heroism of soldiers in Vietnam, the anger and anxiety of antiwar students back home, and the confusion and obfuscating behavior of officials in Washington. In the Long Nguyen Secret Zone of Vietnam, a renowned battalion of the First Infantry Division is marching into a devastating ambush that will leave sixty-one soldiers dead and an equal number wounded. On the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, students are staging an obstructive protest at the Commerce Building against recruiters for Dow Chemical Company, makers of napalm and Agent Orange, that ends in a bloody confrontation with Madison police. And in Washington, President Lyndon Johnson is dealing with pressures closing in on him from all sides and lamenting to his war council, "How are we ever going to win?" Based on thousands of primary documents and 180 on-the-record interviews, the story unfolds day by day, hour by hour, and at times minute by minute, with a rich cast of characters -- military officers, American and Viet Cong soldiers, chancellors, professors, students, police officers, businessmen, mime troupers, a president and his men, a future mayor and future vice president -- moving toward battles that forever shaped their lives and evoked cultural and political conflicts that reverberate still.
We Were Soldiers Once--And Young
by Harold Moore Details
By the American officer who led the fight and the journalist who accompanied him, a blow-by-blow reenactment of the battle that marked the beginning of the massive ground war in Vietnam.
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