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American Heart Association Complete Guide to Women's Heart Health: The Go Red for Women Way to Well-Being and Vitality
by  American Heart Association Details
The Complete Guide to Women's Heart Health explains how gradual and sustainable shifts in your routine, such as using just a little more than one percent of your time each week to exercise or losing just 10 percent of your body weight, can have a far-reaching impact on your health. With specific pointers on diet, exercise, and health care, this book shows you how to get past the common obstacles as well as how to make taking care of your heart easy and attainable for the busy life you lead, at every age. In chapters targeted for every decade of a woman's life from her 20s to her 70s and beyond, the American Heart Association gives women age-appropriate advice on healthy lifestyle choices and heart-health care.
American Medical Association Guide to Preventing and Treating Heart Disease: Essential Information You and Your Family Need to Know About Having a Healthy Heart
by  American Medical Association Details
Authoritative and up to date, the American Medical Association Guide to Preventing and Treating Heart Disease explains the most common forms of heart and blood vessel disease and lays out practical strategies to get you on the road to better health. The book also provides up-to-date information on women and their unique heart disease risks and symptoms as well as information on hart6-healthy eating, including the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's DASH diet.
Best Practices for a Healthy Heart: How to Stop Heart Disease Before or After It Starts
by Sarah Samaan Details
If you want to help your heart--and especially if you already have a cardiac diagnosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a family history of heart disease--Best Practices for a Healthy Heart is your complete guide to cardio care. For more than twenty years, award-winning, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Sarah Samaan has treated thousands of patients and tirelessly kept pace with the latest research
Conquering Heart Attacks and Strokes: A Simple 10-Step Plan for Lifetime Cardiac Health
by Sari Harrar Details
Conquering Heart Attack & Stroke brings you a 10-step self-defense plan that will arm you with powerful knowledge and simple strategies that will diminish your risk of falling victim to cardiovascular disease. You'll soon discover that you won't be giving up the little pleasures that make life worthwhile.
Heart Health: Your Questions Answered
by Robert Ascheim Details
From the significance of high blood pressure and the importance of controlling the condition, to the necessity of self-help measures such as exercise and a low-fat diet, this book will answer all your questions and more. Explanations of the latest research, tests, treatments, and surgical procedures are all clear and free of medical jargon.
Living with Heart Disease: Everything You Need to Know to Safeguard Your Health and Take Control of Your Life
by Larry Katzenstein Details
This superbly organized and authoritative text includes chapters covering key issues, which range from definition to diagnosis and from treatment to lifestyle changes that address issues specifically identified with heart disease. These include: nutrition, high cholesterol, prevention, smoking, and sex and intimacy. The book casts an eye on the future, too, with information on medicines and treatments currently under development or on the horizon. The appendix offers useful point-by-point checklists for managing your treatment, information on handling medical emergencies, and resources.
Saving Women's Hearts: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Natural and Conventional Medicines
by Martha Gulati Details
Cardiologist Dr. Martha Gulati and holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos separate the facts from the many myths surrounding heart disease and offer the latest information on both the conventional medical approach and the role of natural medicine in understanding this illness. Saving Women's Hearts examines the unique gender differences for women and provides valuable insight into the screening procedures, diagnosis, treatment options, and most importantly, prevention of heart disease.
The Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease: All You Need to Know to Lower Your Blood Pressure, Beat High Cholesterol, and Stop Heart Disease in its Tracks
by Murdoc Khaleghi Details
This guide takes a contemporary medical and holistic approach to fighting the disease, and helps you make the changes that can mean the difference between life and death. This guide includes: information on how heart disease affects your body, and what medications, diets, and exercises effectively combat it; a specific focus on preventing heart disease in young adults and adolescents; up-to-the-minute medical advice, stress-reduction techniques, and alternative therapies; and 150 delicious, heart-healthy recipes.
The New Heart Disease Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Reverse and Manage Heart Disease
by Christopher P. Cannon Details
The New Heart-Disease Handbook is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to preventing, reversing, and managing heart disease from one of the top heart doctors in the field today, Dr. Christopher Cannon. This book provides the latest information on surgical and non-surgical approaches as well as what guidelines to follow in regards to hotly debated treatment options like statins. For each condition and procedure, readers learn what to expect. Color pictures and diagrams make complex concepts understandable while checklists, self-assessments and appendices make the book a tool readers will reference again and again.
When Your Doctor Says Heart Disease: A Guide to Regaining Control Over Your Health and Well-Being
by David A. Cooke Details
A resource guide for people with heart disease. Describes different forms of heart disease; reviews diagnostic tests and procedures; examines treatment options including medications and surgeries; explores cardiac rehabilitation and recovery; discusses lifestyle modifications to prevent complications; reviews recent research; includes index and resource directory.
Updated 03/04/2016

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