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Around Ireland on a Bike
by Paul Benjaminse Details
With picturesque routes and breathtaking landscapes, Ireland is beloved by cyclists in search of an exhilarating yet memorable experience. In Green Tour of Ireland, avid cyclist Paul Benjaminse explores the a route around Ireland from Belfast to Dublin via the most spectacular and scenic routes in the country and offers his expert advice on the best way to see the beautiful parts of Ireland.
Around the World on Two Wheels: Annie Londonderry's Extraordinary Ride
by Peter Zheutlin Details
In this marvelously written book, author Peter Zheutlin vividly recounts the story of the audacious woman who turned every Victorian notion of female propriety on its ear. When Annie left Boston in June 1894, she was a brash young lady with a 42-pound bicycle, a revolver, a change of underwear, and a dream of freedom. The epic journey that followed--from a frigid ride through France to an encounter with outlaw John Wesley Hardin in El Paso--took the connection between athletics and commercialism to dizzying new heights and turned Annie into a symbol of sexual equality.
Bicycle Diaries
by David Byrne Details
Since the early 1980s, David Byrne has been riding a bike as his principal means of transportation in New York City. Two decades ago, he discovered folding bikes and started taking them on tour. Byrne's choice was made out of convenience rather than political motivation, but the more cities he saw from his bicycle, the more he became hooked on this mode of transport and the sense of liberation it provided. Convinced that urban biking opens one's eyes to the inner workings and rhythms of a city's geography and population, Byrne began keeping a journal of his observations and insights.
Bicycling Beyond the Divide: Two Journeys Into the West
by Daryl Farmer Details
On a journey begun twenty years earlier, Daryl Farmer, a twenty-year-old two-time college dropout, did what lost men have so often done in this country: he headed west. Twenty years later and seventy pounds heavier, with the yellowing journals from that transformative five-thousand-mile bicycle trek in his pack, Farmer set out to retrace his path. This is his story of pursuing that distant summer and that distant dream of home, where home is endless space, a roof of big sky, and a bed of dry earth.
Series -
Outdoor Lives
Biking Across America: My Coast-to-Coast Adventure and the People I Met Along the Way
by Paul V. Stutzman Details
After Paul Stutzman finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, he found himself longing for another challenge, another adventure. Trading his hiking boots for a bicycle, Paul set off to discover more of America. Starting at Neah Bay, Washington, and ending at Key West, Florida, Paul traversed the 5,000-mile distance between the two farthest points in the contiguous United States. Along the way he encountered nearly every kind of terrain and weather the country had to offer--as well as hundreds of fascinating people whose stories readers will love.
Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey to the End of the World
by Nancy. Sathre-Vogel Details
Changing Gears is the story of a family on the adventure of a lifetime – riding their bikes from Alaska to Argentina. It's the story of how much we can all do when we put our minds to it and our noses to the grindstone. It's the tale of ordinary people doing the extraordinary. Most of all, Changing Gears will encourage and inspire you to reach for the stars, and will help you see that you – yes, you – can grab hold of your life and steer it in whatever direction you want. Join the Vogel family as they cycle 17,285 miles from Alaska to Argentina.
Going Somewhere: A Bicycle Journey Across America
by Brian Benson Details
Brian has a million vague life plans but zero sense of direction. So when he meets Rachel, a self-possessed woman who daydreams of bicycling across the States, he decides to follow her wherever she'll take him. Brian and Rachel soon embark on a ride from northern Wisconsin to Somewhere West, infatuated with the promise of adventure and each other. But as the pair progress from the Northwoods into the bleak western plains, they begin to discover the messy realities of life on the road. Mile by mile, they contend with merciless winds and brutal heat, broken bikes and bodies, each other and themselves--and the looming question of what comes next.
It's Not About the Tapas: A Spanish Adventure on Two Wheels
by Polly Evans Details
After leaving Cambridge University and a job at a London publisher, Polly Evans moved to Hong Kong, where she spent many happy hours as editor of the city's biggest entertainment weekly. But fighting deadlines from an office chair seemed just too easy. So Polly set off on a voyage of discovery around Spain -- on a bicycle. From the thighburning ascents of the Pyrenees to the relentless olive groves of Andalusia, she found more adventure than she bargained for, including nailbiting encounters with a sprightly pig, overzealous suitors, and locals who questioned her morality, all while indulging her love of regional cooking. While she pedaled, Polly pondered some of the more lurid details of Spanish history: the king who collected pickled heads, the queen who toured the country with her husband's moldering corpse, and the unfortunate duchess who lost her feet. And wherever she cycled, she ate and ate.
The Bar Mitzvah and the Beast: One Family's Cross-Country Ride of Passage
by Matt Biers-Ariel Details
Amateur bike rider, father of three, and everyday public school teacher Matt Biers-Ariel never dreamed of riding a bike across the United States. But then his hard-to-impress teenage son, Yonah, refused to have a Bar Mitzvah as he approached age thirteen. No dancing with grandma or chanting traditional prayers? Something had to be done to celebrate this rite of passage. So Matt, his wife Djina, Yonah, and little brother Solomon decided to saddle up for a physical ride of passage one that would take them 3,804 miles by bicycle from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, across the Rockies, through Midwest small towns, and all the way to Washington D.C.
The Carbon Cycle: Crossing the Great Divide
by Kate. Rawles Details
In 2006 outdoor philosopher Kate Rawles cycled 4553 miles from Texas to Alaska, following the spine of the Rocky Mountains as closely as possible. Cycling across unforgiving but starkly beautiful landscapes in both the United States and Canada deserts, high mountain passes, glaciers and eventually down to the sea she encountered bears, wolves, moose, cliff-swallows, aspens and a single, astonishing lynx. Along the way, she talked to North Americans about climate change from truck drivers to politicians to find out what they knew about it, whether they cared, and if they did, what they thought they could do. Kate tells the story of a trip in which she has to deal with the rigours of cycling for ten hours a day in temperatures often in excess of 100° F, fighting punctures, endless repairs and inescapable, grinding fatigue.
The Essential Touring Cyclist: The Complete Guide for the Bicycle Traveler
by Richard A. Lovett Details
The classic guide for beginning and intermediate cyclists is back--and it's better than ever. With the latest on bikes, gear, and training techniques and new sections on short tours, and touring abroad, this new edition of The Essential Touring Cyclist promises to appeal to a whole new population of aspiring cyclists. Whether you're heading out for five hours or five months, this vividly designed, heavily illustrated, and resource-rich guide delivers everything you need.
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