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All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide
by Jim Loomis Details
All Aboard--first published in 1995, and here completely revised and updated--is much more than just a mile-by-mile scenery guide for train travelers. Written both for veteran train travelers and those considering their first rail journey, it will make any trip smoother and more enjoyable with its insightful travel trips and information about how railroads operate. With trains attracting new riders in record numbers because of the economy, the price of gasoline, and the delays and crowding that are now the norm when traveling by air, the time is perfect for a new edition of All Aboard. Here you can learn how and why the first railroads came about, the building of America's trans-continental railroad, and how individual trains are operated. The author also offers advice that can only come from a veteran traveler: booking trips, finding the lowest fares, avoiding pitfalls, packing for an overnight trip, what to do on board, whom to tip and how much. All Aboard is the ultimate guide to American train travel and its unique history and culture.
Europe by Eurail 2013: Touring Europe by Train
by LaVerne Ferguson-Kosinski Details
Europe by Eurail has been the train traveler's one-stop source for visiting Europe's cities and countries by rail for more than thirty years. This comprehensive guide, newly revised and updated, provides the latest information on fares, schedules, and pass options, as well as detailed information on more than one hundred specific rail excursions. Trips start from one of twenty-eight base cities on the Continent––including Vienna, Nice, and Milan––and contain all the details necessary to visit historic cities, romantic villages, and scenic hamlets. Three sample rail-tour itineraries combine several base cities and day excursions into fifteen-day rail-tour packages, complete with hotel recommendations and sightseeing options. Packed with practical information, step-by-step directions, and advice on where to go and what to see and do, and complemented by the inclusion of twenty-one maps, this book takes the puzzle out of European rail travel.
Great Railway Journeys of Europe
by  Insight Guides Details
This full-color guide inspires travelers to sample a range of different railway experiences – slick, high tech lines between major European cities, classic journeys such as the Orient Express, and quaint narrow gauge railways chugging through green valleys and over dizzying mountain passes. There are also features on the history and growth of rail travel, railway hotels, feats of engineering, the Channel Tunnel, and much more.
Series -
Insight Guides
Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo
by Tim Parks Details
Tim Parks delivers a charming and funny portrait of Italian ways by riding its trains from Verona to Milan, Rome to Palermo, and right down to the heel of Italy.Parks begins as any traveler might: "A train is a train is a train, isn't it?" But soon he turns his novelist's eye to the details, and as he journeys through majestic Milano Centrale station or on the newest high-speed rail line, he delivers a uniquely insightful portrait of Italy. Through memorable encounters with ordinary Italians--conductors and ticket collectors, priests and prostitutes, scholars and lovers, gypsies and immigrants--Parks captures what makes Italian life distinctive: an obsession with speed but an acceptance of slower, older ways; a blind eye toward brutal architecture amid grand monuments; and an undying love of a good argument and the perfect cappuccino.
North American Railroad Family Trees: An Infographic History of the Industry's Mergers and Evolution
by Brian Solomon Details
The history of railroading in North America is as much a story of boardroom intrigue as it is a story of the brute force that stamped thousands of miles of train track across a rugged continent. Today's nine U.S. and Canadian Class I railroads are the result of well over a century of convoluted bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and expansions. North American Railroad Family Trees marks the first time in book form that this major aspect of railroad history has been presented in a clear, graphic format, helping the railfan make sense of the many smaller train lines that shaped North American rail as it is today. In these pages, renowned rail author Brian Solomon takes a visual and chronological approach, presenting 50 "family trees" in the style of human lineages.
Paris to the Past: Traveling Through French History by Train
by Ina Caro Details
In one of the most inventive travel books in years, Ina Caro invites readers on twenty-five one-day train trips that depart from Paris and transport us back through seven hundred years of French history. Whether taking us to Orléans to evoke the miraculous visions of Joan of Arc, to Versailles to experience the flamboyant achievements of Louis XIV, or to the Place de la Concorde to witness the beheading of Marie Antoinette, Caro animates history with her lush descriptions of architectural splendors and tales of court intrigue. Organizing her destinations chronologically from twelfth-century Saint-Denis to the nineteenth-century Restoration at Chantilly, Caro appeals not only to the casual tourist aboard the Metro or the TGV but also to the armchair reader of Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence. Caro's passion for and knowledge of France--its soaring cathedrals, enthralling history, and sumptuous cuisine--are so impressive that Paris to the Past promises to become one of the classic guidebooks of our time.
Tourist Trains Guidebook
by  Trains Magazine Details
Boasting more full-page reviews than previous years and thoroughly updated and accurized, this third edition of the Tourist Trains Guidebook, gives train fans and those who like to travel a detailed look at 175 of the most popular train attractions in North America. The guidebook also lists 300 additional train rides, museums and historical depots of interest. Regional maps showing the location of the sites are also included. With the updated Tourist Trains Guidebook 3, train lovers can plan vacations centered around railroading or beef up the itinerary of an existing trip with a train ride or visit to a train-centric site.
USA by Rail: Plus Canada's Main Routes
by John Pitt Details
Trains have had a strong hold on the popular imagination, inspiring countless stories, songs, scandals, films, and legends. Their rugged charm sets them apart from more mundane means of transport and their low environmental impact is of particular current interest. Pampered by helpful attendants, you can travel from coast to coast, explore the Rocky Mountains and ride directly alongside two oceans. Author John Pitt, describes more than 37 routes crisscrossing the USA and shows how to make the most of your rail pass. Maps, sightseeing and accommodation tips make this guide essential reading for all rail travelers.
Updated 11/10/2014

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