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52 Tips for Limit Hold 'Em Poker
by Barry Shulman Details
This quick-reading strategy guide by Barry Shulman, one of poker's most influential and powerful figures, a two-time gold bracelet winner and owner of Card Player, shows readers how to play and win at Texas hold'em, no matter what their skill level. The fifty-two tips--really fundamental playing concepts--are divided into six sections: Three Universal Hold'em Concepts; Playing Before the Flop; Playing on the Flop; Playing on the Turn; Playing on the River, and More Hold'em Concepts You Should Know. Every player must know how to put these concepts to practice in real games to be a winner.
Everything Casino Poker: Get the Edge at Video Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Pai Gow Poker
by Frank Scoblete Details
Casino gambling's greatest writer Frank Scoblete shows you how to actually beat video poker, Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo and Pai Gow Poker. With video poker expert Jerry "Stickman," Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hi-Lo Expert Bill "Ace-10" Burton and the Pai Gow Poker king John "Skinny," Scoblete shows you exactly how you can beat the casinos or your fellow players at these poker games. There is no need for you to be a loser at poker games anymore - this book can show you exactly how to be a winner! Why settle for anything less?
Fading hearts on the river : a life in high-stakes poker or how my son cheats death, wins millions, & marries his college sweetheart
by Brooks Haxton Details
Haxton follows his son Isaac's unlikely career as a poker player, the nervous father often sitting on the sidelines with his fingers crossed or staring at a casino monitor while Isaac wins more in one hand of play than Haxton has earned from all his books of poetry combined.
Heads-Up Tournament Poker: Hand-By-Hand
by Annie Duke Details
You'll learn how two of the best heads-up tournament players think through every decision in more than 600 hands as they battle their way to the final round in the prestigious NBC Heads-Up Championship. You'll see their cards and hear their thoughts through twelve matches as they devise masterful strategies to defeat world-class opponents. Annie Duke and Vanessa Rousso give you a powerful mix of the practice, theory, and strategies for heads-up tournaments--where you must risk chips on every hand you're dealt--and show you what they did to beat the best players in the world. You'll see what works and what doesn't as amazing bluffs and poorly executed tactics are deconstructed. You'll learn how to design a game plan for each opponent, how to adjust your plan as the match progresses, how to play against pros and amateurs alike, and how to get the best of it against superior opponents. Their detailed analysis of when to change your strategy due to fluctuating chip counts, the flow of the match, and dynamic maneuvers make this book the bible of heads-up play.
How to cheat your friends at poker : the wisdom of Dickie Richard
by Penn. Jillette Details
Poker-mania is sweeping the nation, from the World Championship of Poker to internet poker and power poker. But home poker games shouldn't just be about winning: they're about stripping your opponents bare without their ever suspecting a thing. Teaming up with Mickey Lynn, Penn Jillette gives a home poker player everything he needs to know in one tidy volume.
Learn Poker in 10 Minutes
by Brian Byfield Details
Poker is more popular than ever, so don't miss out; get in on the game with this great guide. It's filled with all the basics plus diagrams, cartoons, and coverage of the most popular type, Texas Hold 'Em. Find out how to set up a game and bet, the values of the different hands, the many poker variants, and the essential psychological skills that lead to victory. So take just 10 minutes--and then put on your poker face and play!
Molly's game : from Hollywood's elite to Wall Street's billionaire boys club, my high-stakes adventure in the world of underground poker
by Molly. Bloom Details
In Molly's Game, Molly Bloom takes the reader through her adventures running an exclusive high-stakes private poker game. Her clients ranged from iconic stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck to politicians and financial titans so powerful they moved markets and changed the course of history. With rich detail, Molly describes a world that until now has been shrouded in glamour, privilege, and secrecy, one where she fearlessly took on the Russian and Italian mobs--until she met the one adversary she could not outsmart, even though she had justice on her side: the United States government.
Poker: The Real Deal
by Phil Gordon Details
World-class poker player and co-host of the hit show Celebrity Poker Showdown Phil Gordon has paired with writer Jonathan Grotenstein to write this comprehensive guide to the game. In addition to introducing the most popular forms of poker and explaining the intricacies of this game of skill, they describe the ins and outs of poker psychology and groom the reader, from home player to seasoned professional, in a single volume. They examine the different breeds of players from the Rock to the Manic, detail what to wear, drink and tip, and profile the legends of the game with tips from some of the biggest names in poker today. This definitive guide to poker provides a rare inside look at the game in language accessible to players of every level.
Prince of poker [videorecording]
by  New Video Details
Go for an exhilarating ride with amateur poker player Jim McManus as he battles the odds in the 2000 World Series of Poker.
The noble hustle : poker, beef jerky, and death
by Colson Whitehead Details
On one level, The Noble Hustle is a familiar species of participatory journalism--a longtime neighborhood poker player, Whitehead was given a $10,000 stake and an assignment from the online online magazine Grantland to see how far he could get in the World Series of Poker. But since it stems from the astonishing mind of Colson Whitehead (MacArthur Award-endorsed!), the book is a brilliant, hilarious, weirdly profound, and ultimately moving portrayal of--yes, it sounds overblown and ridiculous, but really!--the human condition.
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