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The Art of Selling Crafts

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Crafty Superstar: Make Crafts on the Side, Earn Extra Cash and Basically Have it All
by Grace Dobush Details
If the church-basement sale isn't quite your scene, Crafty Superstar is your go-to resource for selling your crafty goods part-time. Packed with ideas for setting up and selling out, the book includes loads of advice from experts like Faythe Levine, Jenny Harada and Jenny Hart.
Etsy-preneurship: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Handmade Hobby into a Thriving Business
by Jason Malinak Details
This book will help you make the jump from enjoying your handmade/craft/art hobby to running a profitable business."Etsy-preneurship" offers step-by-step advice on what it takes to bring in extra income or even one day run a full-time business on Etsy.
Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop and Sustain a Successful Creative Business
by Kari Chapin Details
Applying her trademark "you-can-do-it" coaching style to the nuts and bolts of business planning, Kari Chapin covers all of the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business -- from mapping out a business plan to expanding production and distribution, finding funding and addressing legal matters.
Handmade to Sell: Hello Craft's Guide to Owning, Running and Growing Your Crafty Biz
by Kelly Rand Details
An all-encompassing guide to starting and running a successful craft business draws on the expertise of the well-known nonprofit trade organization and provides authoritative coverage of everything from developing successful product lives and preparing taxes to forming LLCs.
How to Sell Your Crafts Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Sales on Etsy and Beyond
by Derrick Sutton Details
With over 400,000 sellers on Etsy, how can you make your shop stand out and increase your sales? This is a key question for many crafters and artists who are selling online these days. Now here are all the answers and much more from author and Etsy seller Derrick Sutton.
How to Start a Home-Based Etsy Business
by Gina Luker Details
Provides advice on setting up and running an Etsy business, from writing a business plan and branding to tracking hidden costs and understanding legal issues.
Selling Your Crafts Online: With Etsy, eBay, and Pinterest
by Michael Miller Details
Miller provides step-by-step guidance for succeeding in the world's biggest online crafts marketplaces and attracting new customers where millions of them already hang out. He offers crafts-specific tips and advice on everything from creating listings to getting a fair price, processing payments to providing outstanding service.
Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies
by Allison Strine Details
This book offers expert advice for artists and entrepreneurs looking to build an online craft business from scratch. It includes information on setting up your online shop, writing compelling item descriptions, photographing your work, engaging the Etsy community, understanding fees and finding your muse when it takes a holiday.
The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online: How to Sell on Etsy, eBay, Your StoreFront, and Everywhere Else Online
by Kim Solga Details
With the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, serious art and craft buyers and sellers are turning to the online world to buy, sell, and promote beautiful homemade creations. But where to start? Solga shows you the pros and cons of all the major art and craft sites, as well as tips for creating your own store online.
The Handmade Marketplace
by Kari Chapin Details
For crafters who have more confidence running a sewing machine than setting up a Web site, this book breaks down and makes sense of the global possibilities for marketing and selling crafts.
Updated 03/19/2015

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