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Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
by Gregory Maguire Details
Set against the rich backdrop of seventeenth-century Holland, "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" tells the story of Iris, an unlikely heroine who finds herself swept from the lowly streets of Harlem to a strange world of wealth, artifice, and ambition. Iris's path quickly becomes intertwined with that of Clara, the mysterious and unnaturally beautiful girl destined to become her sister.
by Robin McKinley Details
When her growing beauty begins to resemble her mother's too closely, Princess Lissar must flee her father's wrath, accompanied by her loyal dog Ash, and, in doing so, she unlocks a door into a world of magic.
My mother she killed me, my father he ate me : forty new fairy tales
by Kate Bernheimer Details
Spinning houses and talking birds. Whispered secrets and borrowed hope. Here are new stories sewn from old skins, gathered by visionary editor Kate Bernheimer and inspired by everything from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" and "The Little Match Girl" to Charles Perrault's "Bluebeard" and "Cinderella" to the Brothers Grimm's "Hansel and Gretel" and "Rumpelstiltskin" to fairy tales by Goethe and Calvino and from China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Norway, and Mexico.
Rats of Hamelin: A Piper's Tale
by Adam McCune Details
A father-and-son writing team revisits the old tale of the Pied Piper with jarring twists and rivalries, and the hero's discernment of enemies and allies, justice and mercy.
Shards of the glass slipper : Queen Cinder
by Roy A. Mauritsen Details
Can a group of heroes, including Goldenhair, Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel, help General Snow White and her dwarven resistance fighters defeat the tyrannical Queen Cinderella? And will they succeed before a war with Wonderland destroys everything?
The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime
by Jasper Fforde Details
It's Easter in Reading-a bad time for eggs-and no one can remember the last sunny day.Then D-class nursery celebrity Humpty Dumpty is found shattered to death beneath a wall in a shabby area of town. Yes, the big egg is down. All those brittle pieces sitting in the morgue point to foul play. Jack Spratt and his new partner, Sergant Mary Mary, search through Humpty's sordid and secretive past in hopes of finding the key to his death.
The last enchantment
by Mary Stewart Details
Arthur Pendragon is King! Unchallenged on the battlefield, he melds the country together in a time of promise. But sinister powers plot to destroy Camelot, and when the witch-queen Morgause -- Arthur's own half sister -- ensnares him in an incestuous liaison, a fatal web of love, betrayal, and bloody vengeance is woven.
The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales
by Francesca Lia Block Details
Francesca Lia Block fuses simple fairy tales with modern settings, making the historical tales dance with identifiable, relatable life. Written with raw, firey prose, the young heroines battle social issues like abuse and addictions, yet the dark internal turmoil cannot defeat the timeless truth of the transformation found in love.
The Selection
by Kiera Cass Details
Sixteen-year-old America Singer is living in the caste-divided nation of Illea, which formed after the war that destroyed the United States. America is chosen to compete in the Selection--a contest to see which girl can win the heart of Illea's prince--but all she really wants is a chance for a future with her secret love, Aspen, who is a caste below her.
White As Snow
by Tanith Lee Details
Coira is an unwanted daughter, as she was conceived in violence during the sacking of her mother Arpazia's father's castle. Now Arpazia and Coira are lured into the woods by the elder gods, who are seeking to restore their worship in a magical land in which a new religion threatens to transform life for everyone.
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