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Rain or Shine: Books about Weather

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999 Frogs Wake Up
by Ken Kimura Details
It's spring and 999 frogs wake up, they decide to awaken a still sleeping turtle, lizard, ladybugs, and a big snake.
Best in Snow
by April Pulley Sayre Details
A photographic non-fiction picture book about the wonder of snowfall and the winter water cycle.
Curious About Snow
by Gina Shaw Details
Learn about snow--how snowflakes are formed, why they fall, if each snowflake is really unique, and other facts. Also learn about Wilson A. Bentley, the first person to photograph an individual snowflake.
Just a Big Storm
by Mercer Mayer Details
When a big storm passes over their house, Little Critter and his family lose power! What will they do without it?
Once Upon a Northern Night
by Jean Pendziwol Details
The beauty and wonder of a northern winter night unfold.
by Sam Usher Details
It's raining, but one little boy can't wait to go outside for an adventure with his granddad.
Storm Song
by Nancy Viau Details
As thunder and lightning approach, a family gathers inside to play, sing, eat, and snuggle together until the weather clears.
Storm's Coming!
by Margi Preus Details
Did you know that flowers, insects, and birds can help predict the weather? Near her lighthouse home, Sophie reads the signs and sounds a warning: 'Storm's coming!'
Summer Days and Nights
by Wong H. Yee Details
A little girl enjoys the activities of a warm summer day and night.
by Helen Cox Cannons Details
Through stunning photographs and simple text, books in this series introduce children to different types of weather. In Sunshine, children learn what sunshine is, how the sun moves, when the sun is strongest, how to stay safe in the sun, and why sunshine is an important part of our weather.
The Storm
by Akiko Miyakoshi Details
A little boy is excited about a trip to the beach with his parents planned for the following day. But a bad storm is coming, and he is worried they won't be able to go.
by Arthur Geisert Details
Presents an illustrated account of a storm that moves through a Midwestern farming region over the course of several hours.
Toad Weather
by Sandra Markle Details
On a rainy day, Ally's mom asks her to come outside where, amidst the oil slicks, dripping awnings, and splashing cars, they find a toad migration taking place.
by Tim McCanna Details
A fox's journey to take shelter from a rainstorm, told entirely in onomatopoeia.
Worm Weather
by Jean Taft Details
Join in the rainy-day fun as kids splash through the puddles, affecting another weather enthusiast, a nearby worm. The worm delights in the weather just as much as the kids.
Updated 06/20/2017

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