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Action Lab.: Dog of Wonder: Vol. 1
by Scott Fogg Details
Who rescues dogs in need of rescuiing? ACTION LAB, that's who! Follow the adventures of Percy and his Action Lab League as they meet their new ally, Marguerite, and take on a mission to save her brother from Clancy Jackson and the Canaan City Animal Care and Control!
Garfield: His Nine Lives
by Jim Davis Details
Join an all-star cast of cartoonists as they depict Garfield through the ages, from prehistoric times, to the reaches of outer space, updating a modern classic for a new generation.
My Little Pony Friends Forever: Vol. 7
by Neil Uyetake Details
Rainbow Dash wakes up to discover that her wings have vanished, so it's up to the relatively newly-winged Twilight to help her friend. Then, Shining Armor will have his hooves full when Prince Blueblood gets involved in a sensitive diplomatic mission.
Series -
My Little Pony
Quirk's Quest: Into the Outlands
by Robert Christie Details
Setting out to explore the remote Outlands of Crutonia are the brave and multifarious crew of the H.M.S. Gwaniimander, under the command of Captain Quenterindy Quirk--a leader whose confidence exceeds his competence by several lengths of his own bushy tail.
Series -
Quirk's Quest
Secret Coders Vol. 2: Paths & Portals
by Gene Luen Yang Details
There's something lurking beneath the surface of Stately Academyliterally. In a secret underground classroom Hopper, Eni, and Josh discover that the campus was once home to the Bee School, an institute where teachers, students, and robots worked together to unravel the mysteries of coding. Hopper and her friends are eager to follow in this tradition and become top-rate coders. But why are Principal Dean and the rugby team suddenly so interested in their extracurricular activities?
Series -
Secret Coders
The Iron Hand
by Scott Chantler Details
After pulling a badly injured Captain Drake from the water, Nessa must decide whether or not she can trust him in the fight against Greyfalcon and if it is true that he has seen Jared.
Series -
Three Thieves
by  Zootopia Details
This Zootopia comics collection includes the complete graphic novel retelling of the movie, plus original comic stories.
Updated 11/05/2016

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