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365 Things to Do With LEGO Bricks
by Simon Hugo Details
Presents a year's worth of games and projects that promote building skills and creativity, ranging from animal bookends and a paper airplane launcher to a brick toss tournament and memory challenge.
Best in Snow
by April Pulley Sayre Details
A photographic non-fiction picture book about the wonder of snowfall and the winter water cycle.
Dog On Board: The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus-Riding Dog
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Details
An adorable and informative photo-essay about Eclipse, a dog who rides the bus to the dog park herself, became a viral sensation on social media and TV, and has become the mascot for the Seattle Transit Authority.
Fanny in France
by Alice Waters Details
Fanny, daughter of famed chef/restaurateur Alice Waters, narrates her childhood adventures in France. Includes over forty recipes.
How Things Work: Discover Secrets and Science Behind Bounce Houses, Hovercraft, Robotics, and Everything in Between
by Tamara J. Resler Details
Intrigued by how things work? National Geographic Kids unplugs, unravels, and reveals how things do what they do.
I Am Josephine (and I Am a Living Thing)
by Jan Thornhill Details
Meet Josephine: a spirited and curious girl, a big sister, and a human being. She's also a mammal, an animal, and a living thing--all identities she explores with readers in this book.
Journey: Based on the True Story of OR7, the Most Famous Wolf in the West
by Emma Bland Smith Details
A fictionalized account about a real wolf with the scientific name OR7 (the 7th radio-collared wolf in Oregon) that traveled from eastern Oregon to northern California--the first known wolf in the Golden State in 90 years.
Magic Tree House Incredible Fact Book
by Mary Pope Osborne Details
Jack and Annie have been all over the world in their adventures in the magic tree house. And they have learned lots of incredible facts along the way. Now they want to share them with you! Get ready for a collection of the coolest, weirdest, funniest, grossest, most all-around amazing facts Jack and Annie have ever encountered. With full-color photographs and fun comments from Jack and Annie, this is the essential fact book for all Magic Tree House fans. --Publisher's description.
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To Burp or Not to Burp: a Guide to Your Body in Space
by Dave Williams Details
Explores how the human body behaves in zero gravity, answering questions about how astronauts go to the bathroom, why they grow taller, and why burping is risky in space.
What In the Universe?
by Jake Black Details
Where did the Crystal Gems come from? What is our purpose on Earth? How do we harness our power? And why do the fry bits at Beach Citywalk taste so good? Find the answers to these questions and more, with information about Steven, his family, his friends, and Beach City.
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Steven Universe
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