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ROAR! Discover Dinosaurs

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An Illustrated Timeline of Dinosaurs
by Patricia Wooster Details
Presents a visual timeline of the history of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Drama
by Dustin Evans Details
Alex decides that the only safe place for the mystical pencil is the museum where his father works--but when Marvin borrows the pencil and begins to draw dinosaurs, things quickly get out of hand.
Dinosaur Hunt
by David Catrow Details
Max Spaniel considers himself a dinosaur hunter and finds all sorts of objects in his backyard as proof that they exist.
Dinosaurs Before Dark
by Mary Pope Osborne Details
Eight-year-old Jack and his younger sister Annie find a magic treehouse, which whisks them back to an ancient time zone where they see live dinosaurs.
Series -
Magic Treehouse
Dinosaurs in Action
by Geronimo Stilton Details
The Pirate Cats have had their plans foiled by Geronimo Stilton time and time again, due to the help from Geronimo's friend Professor Volt. The Pirate Cats decide to better their offs by getting rid of Professor Volt; kidnapping him and leaving him a time when the earth was occupied by dinosaurs! Geronimo and his friends must travel back in time to save Professor Volt from literally becoming a part of history!
How Do We Know About Dinosaurs
by Rebecca Olien Details
"In graphic novel format, text and illustrations explain how fossils teach us about the dinosaurs"-- Provided by publisher.
How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum
by Jessie Hartland Details
"Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions and millions of years. Museum visitors are awed by the massive skeletons/fossils/creatures on display. But how did the fossils of a colossal diplodocus make the 145-million-year journey from the prehistoric plains of Utah to the Smithsonian Museum of today? Acclaimed author and illustrator, Jessie Hartland (How the Sphinx Got to the Museum), beautifully presents this informative and fascinating history of the diplodocus: from its discovery in 1923 in Utah to its arrival in the hallowed halls of this world-famous museum. Essential reading for junior paleontologists"-- Provided by publisher.
I Wonder Why the Dinosaurs Died Out
by Andrew Charman Details
Why did all of the dinosaurs die? Why is a boat bad for a manatee? You'll be surprised when you find out why! The answers to these important and topical questions--as well as others about extinct and endangered animals will inform and delight readers of all ages.
Inside Dinosaurs
by Andra Serlin Abramson Details
Experts from the world-famous American Museum of Natural History recreate the world of the dinosaurs as it was over 250 million years ago.
It's Fun to Draw Dinosaurs
by Mark Bergin Details
This bright and colorful book is the perfect guide for budding artists who are interested in dinosaurs. It's packed with simple step-by-step illustrations and tips on coloring a variety of larger-than-life dinos.
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