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Ages 0-2

Wordless Stories

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Another by  Christian Robinson
A young girl and her cat take an imaginative journey into another world.
Ball by Mary Sullivan
While searching for someone to play ball with him, a dog dreams of fantastical adventures he could have with his ball.
Before After by  Anne-Margot Ramstein
Everyone knows that a tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak and a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. But in this clever, visually enchanting volume, it's also true that a cow can result in both a bottle of milk and a painting of a cow, and an ape in a jungle may become an urban King Kong. With simple, graphic illustrations sure to appeal to even the youngest of children, this will please the most discerning adult readers, too.
Cat on the Bus by Aram Kim
Using onomatopoeia, this almost wordless story tells of a homeless cat who finds shelter on a bus where she meets a cat-loving Asian grandfather.
Daisy Gets Lost by Christopher Raschka
A young dog experiences the fear of being lost and the joys of being found when she becomes separated from her owner.
Hickory Dickory Dock by Jonas Sickler
Presents the classic nursery rhyme about a mouse in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I Walk With Vanessa by  Kerasco√ęt
An elementary school girl witnesses the bullying of another girl, but she is not sure how to help.
Inside Outside by Lizi Boyd
Images from the following pages appear through die-cut holes, for example, a plant outside becomes a plant in a vase.
Jungle Rumble! by Kaaren Pixton
A wordless introduction to jungle animals.
Moo! by David LaRochelle
When Cow gets her hooves on the farmer's car, she takes it for a wild ride through the country.
Owl Bat, Bat Owl by  Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
An owl and a bat family endeavor to share living spaces on the same tree branch, where initial wariness is overcome by the curiosity of the families' babies on a wild and stormy night that compels them to set aside their apprehensions.
Plip-Plop Pond by Kaaren Pixton
Explore pond animals in this wordless Indestructible book.
Series -
Red Hat by Lita Judge
In this almost wordless picture book, a troupe of baby forest animals borrows a child's hat, until all that is left is a long piece of red string.
The White Book by Silvia Borando
A little boy stands in front of the whitest of white walls. He readies his brush ...and begins to paint. First off, a coat of pink - but wait, what's that? The painted wall reveals six birdies, perched on a branch! Then he tries the blue paint and ...yes! It's happened again! Fourteen little fish emerge, swimming in the blue. There are lots of surprise in store for our little painter...Smart visual storytelling and bold graphic art give this book a unique look and feel.
Where's Walrus?: and Penguin? by Stephen Savage
When Walrus and his friend Penguin escape from the zoo, Will the zookeeper must find them.
Series -
Where's Walrus?
Updated 05/01/2019