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Ages 3-5

Choo-Choo! Books about Trains

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Big Choo by Stephen Shaskan
Little Choo wants to be just like his father Papa Pufferbelly, but pulling a line of freight cars up a steep mountain might be a little too much for the small engine.
Follow the Track, All the Way Back by Timothy Knapman
Little Train happily ventures out on the railroad track alone for the first time, but when he reaches the end of the tracks, it is getting dark and Little Train is worried until he recalls what his parents said about finding his way home.
Night Train : A Journey From Dusk to Dawn by  Annie Cronin Romano
A hardworking steam engine encounters a variety of landscapes and animals as it journeys through the night from a city to a small town.
Santa and the Goodnight Train by June Sobel
Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text welcome riders onto the Goodnight Train as it follows Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.
Sleep Train by Jonathan London
"After climbing into bed with his book, a little boy goes on a bedtime adventure as he counts the train cars between the engine and the caboose."
Snakes on a Train by  Kathryn Dennis
A funny picture book full of sibilant sounds and other wordplays where friendly snakes slither and hiss on their train ride.
Stanley's Train by William Bee
Stanley has a busy day driving a train to the sea.
The Goodnight Train Rolls On! by June Sobel
Even though jostling sheep, bright moonlight, and a monster teddy bear threaten the sleep of its passengers, the Goodnight Train successfully completes its run.
Trains by Cari Meister
From passenger trains to subways, get young readers in preK-2 on the right track to understanding the different types of trains they see in their community and in their world. Cover the basics of how trains work, along with a brief history. Bold photographs and energetic text are perfect for read-alouds or introductions to transportation units. A short photo timeline in the back will reinforce how technology has changed over time--Provided by publisher.
Trains Chug by  Rebecca Stromstad Glaser
Trains clickity clack down the railroad tracks in this photographic board book for toddlers--Provided by publisher.
Trains Don't Sleep by Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum
"A child's imagination works overtime while he conducts a busy fleet of trains."
Trains Run! by George Ella Lyon
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text reveal different kinds of trains, how they run, and the sounds they make.
Trucker and Train by  Hannah Stark
Trucker loves ruling the highways, frightening other vehicles out of his way, but Train not only impresses the other vehicles, it forces Trucker to wait.
Updated 12/04/2019