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Ages 3-5

Choo-Choo! Books about Trains

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Big Choo by Stephen Shaskan
Little Choo wants to be just like his father Papa Pufferbelly, but pulling a line of freight cars up a steep mountain might be a little too much for the small engine.
Choo-Choo School by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
No racing in the haul-ways! From the author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a look at seven adorable train cars on their first day of school. All aboard the train-car pool! A new lineup of students is off and rolling to Choo-Choo School. After reciting their classroom rules -- Work hard, play fair, be kind -- it's time for some math to get the wheels turning. Then everyone's ready to climb a hill in gym (it's good to blow off steam), sing songs in music (Flat Car is a bit off-key), and learn the whole alphabet, especially the letter R. In one of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's last books, lighthearted verse portrays a world where train stations are classrooms, the conductor doubles as the teacher, and Boxcar is happy to hand out tissues to anyone who ah-choo-choos. Bright, energetic illustrations by animation artist Mike Yamada bring the whole clickety crew to rollicking life.
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Emma Garcia
A little red train goes on a trip from the seaside to the forest, the city, the farm, and finally the station for a rest, where it is visited by a bunch of noisy birds.
Courage Hats by  Kate Hoefler
Mae is a little girl, and Bear is a bear, but they are both afraid of trains and traveling to places they do not know, so they put on courage hats; Mae's has bear ears, and Bear's has people ears, and when they meet on the train going through bear country to the city, they take courage in each other's company and soon become friends--and when they arrive they exchange hats, which is a lot like exchanging hearts.
Freight Train by Donald Crews
Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles.
I Can Make a Train Noise by  Michael Emberley
A girl transforms a cafe into a train by making train noises with words.
I Like Trains by  Daisy Hirst
Whether sending toy animals on a journey around a model track or driving a cardboard-box locomotive, this little puppy really likes trains, and the best part of all is riding a real train.
Let's Build a Little Train by  Julia Marie Richardson
From the boiler to the coupling, build a steam train along with an engineer and her workers.
Mr. Complain Takes the Train by  Wade Bradford
Mr. Complain always has something to grumble about, even as he takes a spectacular train ride through mountains, volcanoes, caves, and oceans, but as his trip comes to an end he realizes he genuinely enjoyed the journey and is ready to go again.
On the Tracks! by  Claire Philip
A creative and charming guide to trains, featuring adorable illustrated characters and accessible text.
Peace Train by  Cat Stevens
Readers are invited to hop on the Peace train and join its growing group of passengers who are all ready to unite the world in peace and harmony. Featuring the timeless lyrics of Cat Stevens's legendary song and illustrations by New York Times bestselling artist Peter H. Reynolds, this hopeful picture book inspires tolerance and love for people of all cultures and identities.
Snakes on a Train by  Kathryn Dennis
A funny picture book full of sibilant sounds and other wordplays where friendly snakes slither and hiss on their train ride.
Stanley's Train by William Bee
Stanley has a busy day driving a train to the sea.
Three Little Engines by  Bob McKinnon
Little Blue Engine tries hard and passes her final test for Engine School, but learns that everyone's journey is different and that, sometimes, success requires a little help.
Trains Run! by George Ella Lyon
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text reveal different kinds of trains, how they run, and the sounds they make.
Trucker and Train by  Hannah Stark
Trucker loves ruling the highways, frightening other vehicles out of his way, but Train not only impresses the other vehicles, it forces Trucker to wait.
Updated 08/10/2023