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Ages 6-8

Great Reads in Lexile Range 300

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Cork & Fuzz : Wait a Minute by  Dori Chaconas
As best friends Cork, a muskrat, and Fuzz, a possum, try to catch a mysterious floating yellow object, Fuzz eagerly keeps taking action while Cork cautions him to wait a moment first. ________ Guided reading level J.
Fred and Ted Go Camping by  Peter Eastman
Even though they do things very differently, friends Fred and Ted enjoy going camping together in the woods.
Get a Hit, Mo! by  David A Adler
Mo Jackson is excited for his baseball game, but Coach Marie tells him he is batting last and playing right field, again. Will Mo ever get a hit? Lexile 350
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen
Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss.
I Need a Hug by Aaron Blabey
A little porcupine just wants a hug, but all the other animals shy away from his prickly spikes--except for a snake. Lexile 330
I Stink! by Kate McMullan
A big city garbage truck makes its rounds, consuming everything from apple cores and banana peels to leftover ziti with zucchini.
My Ocean Is Blue by  Darren Lebeuf
A girl with a disability explores every facet of the ocean during a day at the beach. A girl spends an entire day exploring the seaside with her mom. A keen observer, she sees the ocean as both big and small and both sparkly and dull. It's also dotted and spiraled and wavy and straight. Her ocean is full of sounds -- it splashes and crashes and laughs and hums. But, at times, it's silent. She is inspired to examine and celebrate every part of her ocean and doesn't let anything hold her back. Lexile 390
Please, No More Nuts! by Jonathan Fenske
Tired of eating nuts morning, noon, and night, a squirrel desperately tries to get rid of his excess nuts. Lexile 330
Polly Diamond and the Magic Book by Alice Kuipers
Polly loves words, writing, and telling stories, so when she finds a fancy book on her doorstep labeled Special Delivery from the Writing and Spelling Department for Polly Diamond she is thrilled; and when she finds that anything she writes in it actually happens she is really excited--but Polly soon realizes that she has to be very careful what she writes because that kind of power can be dangerous. Lexile 330
Series -
Polly Diamond
Run, Sea Turtle, Run : A Hatchling's Journey by  Stephen R Swinburne
Follow a hatchling's treacherous journey from nest to sea. -- Lexile 380
The Thank You Book by Mo Willems
Piggie is determined to thank everyone she knows, but Gerald thinks she will forget someone important--|cProvided by publisher.
What About Worms!? by Ryan T Higgins
Tiger unwittingly helps some worms overcome their fear of tigers with a well-placed, informative book, but will a wormy hug aid a fearful Tiger?
Updated 06/27/2022