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Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award

The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award is awarded by the Children's Services Round Table of the Missouri Library Association. This award is designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth through kindergarten age.

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2024 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees

A Bear, a Bee, and a Honey Tree
A Bear, a Bee, and a Honey Tree by  Daniel Bernstrom
A hungry bear? An angry bee? Only one will taste sweet victory! Who will it be?
A Good Place
A Good Place by Lucy Cousins
Bee, Ladybug, Beetle, and Dragonfly are looking for a good place to live. And they each want something different. Every time they find what seems like the perfect spot, they soon discover it's underfoot, near traffic, or otherwise not safe. How will these four friends ever find a good place?
I Am Stuck
I Am Stuck by  Julia Mills
It stinks to be stuck. Turtle is stuck on their back, unable to flip over. Try wiggling your feet, advises Duck--nope. Still stuck. Try wagging your tail, Kangaroo suggests--nope again. Armadillo says that rolling in a ball might work--Turtle tries...but rolls ALL the way over and is stuck again. Possum wonders if Turtle is playing possum, but Turtle says no. It doesn't hurt. But I feel scared, frustrated, and alone. Possum flops over with Turtle. They smell honeysuckle. They hear a bird singing. They watch clouds together. Turtle feels a bit better, but then it rains. Now, Turtle is cold and wet...but I don't feel stuck. Possum says, I feel like my butt fell asleep. And the duo giggle so hard, they both flip over. They discover being stuck is not so bad when you're together.
I Was Born a Baby
I Was Born a Baby by  Meg Fleming
This adorable read-aloud story introduces baby animals who share what they are called and what they grow up into, and shows how some baby animals share their names with several other species.
Mister Kitty Is Lost!
Mister Kitty Is Lost! by Greg Pizzoli
A child and dog search for a lost pet, Mister Kitty, as the child describes what Mister Kitty looks like to the reader.
My Dad Is a Tree
My Dad Is a Tree by Jon Agee
A little girl convinces her dad to be a tree all day long, no matter what, even in the rain, in this imaginative picture book that encourages playing pretend and pays tribute to parents.
No Is All I Know
No Is All I Know by Chris Grabenstein
Toddler Oliver says no to everything-from brushing his teeth and cleaning to swinging on the swings-until his cousin Jess comes to visit and Oliver discovers all that is possible when you say yes.
Problem Solved!
Problem Solved! by Jan Thomas
Rabbit needs to clean her room, but when Pete the Problem-Solving Porcupine's plan causes more of a mess, Rabbit needs to quickly come up with her own strategy before chaos ensues.
The Best Bad Day Ever
The Best Bad Day Ever by  Marianna Coppo
When Wolfie wakes up, he knows it's going to be a bad day. The sky is cloudy, there aren't enough chocolate chips in his cookies, and nothing he does at school comes out right. But when a kindred grumpy Penguin friend arrives, Wolfie's bad day becomes a whole lot brighter.
Woo Hoo! You're Doing Great!
Woo Hoo! You're Doing Great! by Sandra Boynton
An extremely exuberant chicken has an important message to share in this entertaining rhyming book that reminds readers that trying your best is reason enough to celebrate.