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'Modern Travel By Pullman'
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Upper Berth

Lowest priced of all Pullman sleeping accommodations, the upper berth is a full-size comfortable bed equipped with a soft, sleep-inviting mattress. The bed is prepared with crisp linen, warm blankets and two fluffy pillows. Other conveniences include clothes hangers, a rack for toilet articles and under-clothing, individually controlled reading lights and a porter call bell. A safety ladder makes access and exit easy. Berth curtains assure comlete privacy.

Lower Berth

The cushions of the daytime section seats drop down to form a base for the innerspring mattress of the lower berth. There's a shelf for toilet articles or an overnight case, hangers and a rack for clothing, heavy curtains to assure privacy and ample space for luggage.

Interesting facts behind the gigantic travel drama of Pullman!

• The Pullman Company maintains a fleet of some 4,000 sleeping cars. From this fleet the railroads request cars as the need arises, and The Pullman Company provides the conductors, porters and many other personnel who serve you unseen when you travel by Pullman.

• In an average week The Pullman Company serves more than 250,000 travelers!

• One week's Pullman service requires the help of about 1,400 conductors, 6,500 porters, a small army of car cleaners and hundreds of maintenance specialists.

• The Pullman laundries wash and iron some 2,000,000 sheets, 2,100,000 pillow slips, plus 2,600,000 towels and 900,000 other pieces every month.

Take the world's greatest hotel, multiply its operation many times -- and then put the whole thing on wheels. That will give you some idea of the size of Pullman's operation. Today, practically every railroad in the nation offers the modern services of The Pullman Company.

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