A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets
Past and Present
of Gasconade County, Missouri

Compiled by Arthur Paul Moser



Bartonville was the first county seat. Later the name was changed to Mount Sterling. (--Encyclopedia Of The History Of Missouri, 1901, Conard, Vol. 3, p. 5.)


Bay is a small town about six miles southwest of Swiss. Kasten Buschmann was the postmaster in 1888. (--Hist. Of Gasconade County, 1888, Goodspeed, p.685.)

Bay, 18 miles southwest of Hermann had 1 store (1874). (--Campbell's Gazetteer Of Mo., p. 210.)

It is situated at Sec. 6, Twp. 43 N, R. 5 W at the junction of W & K. (--General Highway Map Of Gasconade County,

issued by The Missouri State Highway Department, 5-1-63. Unless otherwise noted all map descriptions are from this map.)

Bay is a rural branch of Hermann Post Office. (--Rand, McNally Reference Guide Of Mo., 1974.)


Bem is a post-office about three miles north of Canaan.* (--Hist. Of Gasconade County, 1888, p. 687.)

*Apparently this is an error. Bem is now located at Sec. 27, Township 41 N, R. 5 W on Highway 19, south of Owensville. This location is southeast of Canaan, (q. v.).

Mail now via Owensville. (--Rand McNally, 1974.)

Bland        (elevation 1020 feet)

Bland, so named after Congressman R. P. Bland, is situated near the northwest corner of Twp. 41 N, Range 6 West. The first settler in the vicinity was William Haynes, in 1850. The first frame house built in the place was by John Homfelt, in 1862. It was 20x50 feet in size. The first merchant was Henry Koenig, and the first blacksmith, Fred Grider, in 1860. The first shoemaker was Charles Bunge, Sr., and the first grocery keeper was Henry Koenig. The first postmaster was H. J. Aufderheide, and the first mail arrived at this place August 17, 1877. A grist mill was started here in 1864. Alfred Rickring was the first school teacher, in 1858, and had about thirty scholars. (--Hist. Of Gasconade Co., 1888, p. 686.)

Bland is situated at Sec. 8 & 17, 7 & 18, Twp. 41 N, R. 6 W, at the west edge of the county, at the junction of A, 28, & B.


Bourbois was a post-office about six miles southeast of Drake. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., 1888, p.685.)

It was 24 miles southeast of Hermann. (--Gazetteer of Missouri, p. 210.)



Canaan was a post-office situated just west of the center of Twp. 41 N, Range 5 West. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., p. 687.)

It is 30 miles southwest of Hermann and had 2 stores (1874). (--Gazetteer of Missouri, p. 210.)

Mail via Bland. (--Rand, McNally, 1974.)


Charlotte was southeast of Drake. (--Map Of Mo., 1911, Rand, McNally.)


Cleaversville, named for Cleaveland Luster, was a small town situated about three miles south of Bland. The first residence built there was a small log one, sixteen feet square, erected in 1821, the Reeds and Criders being the first settlers in the vicinity. The first merchant was J. Cleaveland Luster; the first blacksmith, Daniel Crider; the first ahoemaker, Phillip Durbin, and the first grocery keeper was J. Cleaveland Luster. Mr. Luster was also the first postmaster. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., 1888, pp. 685, 685.)


Apparently Delphi was situated at Sec. 30, Twp. 41 N, R 5 W. (--Campbell's New Atlas Of Mo. ,1874, Map #28, with the aid of Gen. Highway Map Of Gasconade Co.)


Drake is a small village situated near the center of Twp. 43 N, Range 4 West. It was named after Senator Charles B. Drake. Greenberry Lee is said to have been the first settler in the vicinity, who came in and built a log cabin 18x20 feet in 1835. The first frame house was built in l86l, by Dr. H. A. Gross. The first merchant was Casper H. Riepe in 1865; and the first druggist and physician, H. A. Green, in l860; the first blacksmith was Mike Miller, in 1863; and the first shoemaker Casper Binkhoelter, in 1856; the firt grocery keeper was a Mr. Chapman, in 1855. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., p. 685.)

Drake, 18 miles south of Hermann, had 2 stores and 1 wagon shop (1874). (--Gazetteer of Missouri, p.210.)

It is situated at Sec. 15, Twp. 43 N, R. 5 W at the junction of 50 & 19.
Mail via Ownesville. (--Rand, McNally, 1974.)



Dresden was a railroad station a short distance below Hermann.
(--Hist. of Gasconade County, p.682.)

There is a town by the name of Dresden in Pettis Co.
(--Mo. Manual, 1919-18, p. 636.)


Fredericksburg is a small place a short distance southwest of Lange Store, very nearly on the line between Gasconade and Osage Counties. The first house was built here by William Geiser, who was the first postmaster. . .In 1888 business men were A. P. Brahct, merchant; Charles Kruger, blacksmith;and Charles Bock, wagon maker. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., p.684.)

It is located at Sec. 31, Twp. 45 N, R 6 W on Highway J. Mail via Morrison; population 15; summer population 35. (--Rand, McNally, 1974.)

Gasconade        (Gasconade City, elevation 525 feet)

Gasconade City was the first county seat of Gasconade County. According to the plat of the "City". . .this place was located in latitude 380 degrees 28’ and longitude 140 degrees 7’ West from Washington, D. C. . . . Gasconade City remained the county seat until 1825, when on account of a flood, it was deemed advisable to remove it, hence Bartonville, a more central location was chosen...This town was located on the Gasconade River, in Township 48 North, Range 7 West and was therefore, in what is now Osage County. It remained the county seat until 1828, when it was, like its predecessor, visited by a flood and hence was not a comfortable place for the county seat. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., pp.629, 630.)

Gasconade City lies on the Gasconade River, near its entrance into the Missouri River, and on the Mo. Pac. R. R.. . .The town was so named because it lies near the mouth of the Gasconade River. John Roark built the first frame house in 1868. The first druggist was Richard Zumwald, and the first blacksmith, Joseph Mundwiller; the first shoemaker, John Walter and the first groceery keeper, John G. Heath.

Gasconade City is chiefly distinguished for having been the first county seat of Gasconade County; for having once come within two votes of securing the capital of Missouri, instead of Jefferson City. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., p. 683.)

It is situated at Sec. 11, Twp. 45 N, R. 6 W, at the junction of W & 100.


Gasconade Ferry

Gasconade Ferry, on the Gasconade River, was a post-office 8 miles west, southwest of Hermann. (--Gazetteer of Missouri, p.210.)


Gebler is a small town of recent origin (as of 1888). The first settler in the vicinity was John Breeding, in about 1820, who built a little log cabin 16xl8 feet in size. The first frame house was built by Christian Kotthof; the first merchant was Charles Bushmeyer. In 1886 S. Sutter started a general store. The first druggist was Charles Kehr; the first blacksmith, John B. Bruns; the first grocery keeper, Christopher Weber, and the first postmaster was Samuel Sutter. Charles Behns taught the first district school in 1850 and had about twenty scholars. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., l888, Goodspeed, p. 688.)

It is no longer listed in Ref. Guide Of Mo., Rand, McNally.


Hermann lies on the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Sec. 25, and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Sec. 36, Twp. 46 N, Range 5 West and on the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Sec. 30, and the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Sec. 31, Twp. 46 N, Range 4 West. . .October 23, 1848, Jacob Schiffer laid out a part of the town of Hermann.

A German Settlement Society, of Philadelphia, was desirous of establishing a new settlement but the members could not agree. Some wanted it to be located in Texas; others thought northern Pennsylvania to be more suitable. Then someone proposed a site near Jefferson City, Mo. This was rejected, then a site in the Maimi country, in Indiana was suggested. Another proposed a site in the northern part of Illinois. In March, 1837, the society resolved to send someone out through Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri, to look for a suitable place for their settlement.

On October 5, 1837, the president of the society announced that a large tract of land had been purchased in Missouri, and at this meeting of the society it was announced that the new town should be Hermann.

November 7, 1837, one of the first party of settlers traveled from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, Pa., on the cars; thence to Pittsburgh, Pa., on the canal and thence to Hermann, Mo., on the steamboat down the Ohio River and up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to their destination on the last boat of the season, arriving at Hermann, Decmber 6, 1837. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., pp.658, 659, 663, 664.)

Hermann is situated at the junction of 19 & 100.



There are plenty of historical data concerning the origin and development of this Gasconade County town, but nothing to indicate why it is named "Hermann.” Its German background suggests the possibility it was so named after the ancient German hero "Hermann,” or “Arminius,” as he is referred to in Latin literature, who was assassinated while fighting the Rmans. (--The Empire That Missouri Pacific Serves, p, 215.)

Lange Store

Lange Store was situated in the northwest part of the county, about three miles south of Morrison. It was named after E. Lange, Sr., who settled there in April, 1858, and immediately built a storehouse, one and one-half stories high, and 2Ox50 feet in size. Mr. Lange was the first merchant, and he built the first frame house here in 1870. The first druggist was C. A. Sprecklemeyer; the first blacksmith Charles Wetzel; the first shoemaker, John Bein, and the first grocery keeper, Oscar Stempel. Mary K. Sprecklemeyer was the first postmistress. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., 1888, p.684.)


Leduc was about six miles south of Cleavesville, (Cleaverville) and was a short distance northwest of the center of Township 40 N, Range 6 West. Thomas Veach settled here in 1839 and built the first house, a log one, 16xl8 feet. The first frame house was built in 1860, by S. W. Smith, who, in partnership with Henry Grote, established the first store. John Merrell was the first blacksmith. . .In 1888 there were no business establishments in Leduc. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., pp.686, 687.)

Little Berger

Little Berger was situated in the northeast part of the county about six miles south of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The first settlers came into the vicinity about 1832, a Mr. Roark and Hensley McKinney. The first frame house was built here by a Mr. Beckman; Joseph Vogel was the first blacksmith; William Barnes was the first shoemaker. (--Hist. of Gasconade Co., pp. 683, 684.)


Manda was southwest of Drake and northwest of Woolam. (--Map Of Mo., 1911, Rand, McNally.)


Margaret was south of Cleaversville. (-- Map Of Mo., 1911, Rand, McNally.)

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