Volume II, No. 1, Fall 1974

Issue's Introduction

The abundance of caves in the Ozarks has enabled us to discover a new source of stories. Our contact, George Kastler (above), provided us with information as he led our inexperienced groups through many caves. As we began compiling our information, we quickly realized that we had too much material for one article. Therefore, we decided to separate our material into four series. The first is about the preparation problems and joys of exploring caves, starting with Ozark Caves I on page 37 of this issue. The following articles will deal with man's use of caves are how it has affected him, the geological aspect of caves and life and its balance in a cave. We know our articles will not cover everything about the enormous subject of caves. However, we want to convey what we learned, felt and saw in our Ozarks underworld.


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