Volume II, No. 1, Fall 1974

Music of the Ozarks II

[Note from web editor: this section refers to the pressed record vinyl insert]

First introduced in Volume I, No. 2, Music of the Ozarks is presented as a supplement to our stories about music. Words just cannot adequately capture music. Hence, this soundsheet. We spent many hours on this--listening, criticizing, deciding, editing. From the hours of tape we had, we picked the best twenty minutes. (See page 4 for Singing with So-Fa Syllables and page 22 for Old-Time Ozark Square Dancing.)

Side I

Shape Note Singing at Lee's Summit Church of Christ

These selections were taped on the last two nights of a recent singing school. They are sung by the entire congregation except for a select double quartet, and the chromatic scale. All songs but one were led by Richard Nichols.

       Double quartet

Louise King Brenda Gardner
Sonny Gay. Joy Nichols
Howard Meents Kent May
Greg Gay Kerry May

"Jesus Taught Me How To Smile"
Tenor lead in chorus

Chromatic Scale,
Richard Nichols

"The Way Of The Cross Leads Home"
So-Fa syllables in 4 parts
(double quartet)

"I'll Exchange These Troubles For A Crown"
So-Fa syllables
(double quartet)

"To Christ Be True"
So-Fa syllables

"I Am O'ershadowed By Love"
Led by Sonny Gay
Bass lead in chorus

"I Will Serve Thee"

Side II

Old-Time Ozark Square Dance Calls
Caller --- Charlie McMicken
Music --- Charlie Calton--Fiddle & Inez Calton--Guitar
Dancers --- The Ridgerunners
     Don and Betty Betts
     Harold and Bertha Brown
     Charles and Joleen Holloway and Cindy
     Junior and Betty Holloway and Teresa
          BITTERSWEET staff members


Corner Girl
Swing the Opposite
Wave the Ocean
Rattlesnake Shake
Waterbury Watch


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