Volume VI, No. 1, Fall 1978

NEWS & VIEWS From the editor

My senior year begins with mixed emotions. I have anxiously awaited the time when I would be a senior and have privileges and responsibilities not given to me when I was younger. I also realize that I must work hard to make my last year in BITTERSWEET productive and worthwhile, striving to retain the quality displayed by previous editors.

I have quite a bit of news to relay from the staff and Mrs. Massey to you. Due to many uncontrollable circumstances I have the unpleasant responsibility of informing you that we have been forced to raise our subscription price to $8 a year, effective September 1, 1978. Postage rates have continued to increase tremendously and we must either pay them or deliver the magazine ourselves, and we find it easier to pay. We cannot blame the postal system entirely, however, as supplies and printing costs have also increased over the past five years. In an earlier survey the majority of readers indicated they wanted no advertisements added and definitely did not want the quality or quantity cut, so an increase in price seems to be our only alternative.Working with contacts is one of the sweetest and most rewarding experiences in BITTERSWEET, but along with this joy comes sorrow. A valuable contact for the cistern story, Clay Gum, died in July, leaving us many wonderful memories to ease our loss.

Ella Dunn, whom we have contacted numerous times on various stories (Dumbull, Vol. 4, No. 1; Making Maple Syrup, Vol. 4, No. 2; "A Diamond in the Rough", Vol. 4, No. 3; "Good for What Ails You", Vol. 5, No. 4) has recently had a book reprinted. THE GRANNY WOMAN OF THE HILLS tells of her experiences as a granny woman or a combination midwife/doctor for the local people and memories of her childhood in the Ozarks. The book sells for $2.95 and can be ordered from the OZARK MOUNTAINEER, Star Route 3, Branson, Missouri 65616.

This summer the staff had the opportunity to work with Ruth Massey, our consultant, while Mrs. Massey visited FOXFIRE and their advisor, Elliot Wigginton, to discuss policies and ideas. From there Mrs. Massey journeyed on to New York to proofread the dummy of our forthcoming book, BITTERSWEET COUNTRY, which will make excellent gifts and will be here in time to make many merry Christmases. The staff would be honored to autograph your copies (free, of course) so if you want an autographed copy, please indicate on the order blank at the end of this magazine.

BITTERSWEET has been on television several times since the last issue. KODE, Channel 12, Joplin, MO, worked several weeks with us in the spring of 1977 and finally completed a half hour documentary that was aired in June. KCMO, a Kansas City station included BITTERSWEET on their "Place to Place" show broadcast in May. They also did individual shots of several of our contacts. Our most recent appearance, filmed by Patrick Van Horn, a local reporter for KY3, Springfield, Missouri, was on the in-depth series, FOCUS 30 MAGAZINE, aired in August.

We have been invited to speak at three national conventions. September 28 thru October 1 we will be guest speakers at the Association for Experiential Education 6th Annual National Convention to be held in St. Louis. Then toward the first of November we have been invited to the National Association of Interpretive Naturalists meeting in the beautiful Missouri State Park, Bennett Spring. We have also accepted an invitation from the National Council of Teachers of English holding their meeting in Kansas City, to be held November 20. These speaking engagements give students a chance to speak before audiences, helping them to develop good speaking habits as well as meeting people from different backgrounds.


I have a special thank you for Patsy Watts and her art committee. The committee worked quite some time to design an ending for our stories. So readers, when you see a on a page you'll know you have completed one story and can continue on with another. Patsy also drew my logo and I am quite proud of it. The dog at the right was a birthday present and is named M and M for the friends who gave him to me. The industrious looking young lady is to represent the editor--ME!

My mother teases me about being mail crazy, and she is right. I do hope you take time out to share your news and express your views with us. I'll look forward to hearing from you.


news & views From the readers


I hope you keep BITTERSWEET Magazine going for a long, long time.
I show my magazine to my friends and everyone is talking about it.
You are recording the history of our pioneer days for future generations. I have seen most of this pioneering in my life and it is disappearing very fast.
Every copy of BITTERSWEET is precious to me. It is a beautiful magazine and I am proud of my Ozarks heritage. Wishing you much success.

Mrs. Aileen M. Eisenmayer
Springfield, Missouri


Does anyone remember the "bone wagon"? When I was a boy, 8 or 10 years old, a man would come to my parent's place to pick up the bones from any livestock that had died. I don't think he paid anything for them. He took them somewhere and they were ground up and it was sold as 'bone meal fertilizer'. As I remember it was the only commercial fertilizer my father would use and only on wheat. I was born on February 18, 1898.

Robert B. French
Flemington, Missouri

To the Editors and Staff of a wonderful magazine,

Thank you for an interesting magazine. I am 82 and love good reading. It is a wonderful gift from God I can see so far. I be--lieve I have all the back numbers. I plan to read them over again some time.

Mrs. O. H. Lowry
Lebanon, Missouri

ED. NOTE: We occasionally receive letters from people who have helped us on stories and we are always delighted to hear from them. Mrs. O. H. (Katie) Lowry was featured in Vol. 4, No. 4 and was a joy to work with.


We thank the following for their donations to BITTERSWEET.

Faye Akey, Hurst, Texas
Almon Atkins, Springfield, Missouri
Francis H. Balcom, M.D., Anaheim, Calif.
Mrs. Frances Coe, Chilhowee, Missouri
Zigrida De Puy, San Carlos, California
Nettle O. Dodge, Wheatland, Wyoming
Mrs. Robert L. Doorn, Brice, Wisconsin
Genevieve Fertick, Chaffee, Missouri
Shirley Grimes, Ballwin, Missouri
Mrs. John A. Hill, Lebanon, Missouri
Michael D. Hite, Dayton, Ohio
Lois Holland, St. Louis, Missouri
Eldon Kissell, Springfield, Missouri
Donald M. Lance, Columbia, Missouri
Mrs. A. W. Lemmons, St. Louis, Missouri
Ralph & Clodell Meierding, Billings, MT
Debbie Myers, Richardson, Texas
Joe Newham, Cowgill, Missouri
Jim O'Quinn, Lebanon, Missouri
Gretchen Pillet, Calumet City, Illnois
Leta Pryor, Rich Hill, Missouri
Mrs. Thomas M. Rowan, Long Beach, Calif.
Georgia Schmalstig, Camdenton, Missouri
Kieth D. Shaw, Clayton, Missouri
Sue Solomon, Torrance, California
Mrs. R. P. Stringham, Lawrence, Kansas
Gertrude Toth, Bethesda, Maryland
Anna Wormsley, Vandalia, Missouri


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