Volume VII, No. 1, Fall 1979



Take a look at the back cover. Now thumb through the photo story about farm animals starting on page 28 entitled : "E,I,E,I,OH!". Although the interesting pictures certainly : make the story, do you wonder how the staff captured on film the horses nuzzling, or the pig wallowing or the goat i high-jumping? It wasn't easy. Thirteen staff members traveled many miles and took over 516 pictures just to get the fourteen you see in the story. And along the way some interesting things happened that weren't captured on film; unfortunately.

For example, Joe was photographing some hens when he heard a fast running sound coming toward him from behind. He knew to be wary of roosters that often spur and peck. "I turned around, saw a 2 by 4 laying there, picked it up and whomped that rooster a good one. It didn't hurt him. Probably did him some good!"

Lea Ann photographed a cow munching a wild rose bush. The cow left and she lay down on the ground to get a picture of a rose blossom. Looking through the camera, she focused for a close up. "And staring me right in the face was a big black snake! It startled me, but I just looked at him and didn't take the picture. I wish now I had."

Mary S. was edging through the grass on her farm, preparing to photograph a calf nursing its mother. Crouching low for that perfect angle, she thrust her knee into a steaming pile of cow manure.

To photograph his cat, Joe lay down on the ground on . his stomach. His dog came up and affectionately licked the lens of one of our brand new cameras.

Scouting around his barn for possible pictures John was cornered by pigs. "I felt something warmer than me running down inside my boot. I turned around and there was a stupid, fat sow peeing on my leg!"

Perhaps pictures of these brave photographers would prove better folly than the farm animals themselves.


As he was photographing Mary S., Kyle was enveloped by a "herd" of goats. "They began attacking me from behind, nibbling my clothes and chewing my elbow. Now I believe the old adage that goats will eat anything!"


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