Volume VIII, No. 1, Fall 1980


You are fantabulous! Your magazine gets better and better with each issue. I especially enjoyed "I'm Making Every Effort to Preserve."
Dr. Leake is a dear friend who has a heart as big as the out-of-doors she loves so much and she has the physical and intellectual abilities to match that heart. I congratulate you for tapping a tiny portion of this tremendous resource we're so fortunate to have in southwest Missouri. The photos and accompanying article are exceptional! Keep up the good work.

Barbara Boone
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

ED NOTE: We received several favorable comments about the story on Dorothy Leake published in the last issue, including one from her.

I was delighted with Carmen's article about the visit with me and also with the excellent pictures. The girls did a most excellent job, too.
The whole issue was extremely good. I especially liked the rockhound article.
I read your "Message from the Advisor," and am well aware of the problems that beset you. So glad you can continue publication. I shall do everything possible to help with subscription lists.
When my book on Ozark Wild Flowers comes out, I will send you a copy.

Dorothy Leake
Aurora, Missouri

I have a great aunt on your staff, Pearl T. Massey. She has given to my daughters and I a subscription to your Bittersweet magazine. We look forward to receiving it. I enjoy all the recipes (Ozark style) and the photography of your wild life is precious. My aunt could not of sent us any other kind of gift that we appreciate any more than being able to sit down and enjoy our magazines. Keep up the good work, staff, you are doing a great job!

Katy Streeter
Harlowton, Montana

ED NOTE: Pearl is our typist, as well as a friend to everyone on the staff. Many times we can ask her for help if we don't have adequate information on some topics. The staff would definitely not be the same without her.

I am very glad that I discovered "Bittersweet" magazine about a year ago.
What joy and relaxation I have known as a reader of "Bittersweet!"
With all the troubles in the outside world, reading about your lovely people, the arts and crafts in which they have excelled, I find an inner strength and new courage from every printed page!
I wish every one of you continued success in creating future issues of Bittersweet. As you meet each challenge may you find new inspiration.
May God bless you in your every endeavor.

Mrs. Edward Zepp
Winesburg, Ohio


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