Volume IX, No. 1, Fall 1981


We've really enjoyed the recent article on the Wright brothers. They are well-known around here. I have a friend who himself wanted to write a book on the Wrights, but your staff has done a terrific job. We looked for our favorite story, though, and couldn't find it.
Here it is: One of the Wright brothers went hunting one day with his muzzle loader and only six shots. He shot six squirrels and was heading home when he spied a turkey sitting in a tree. Not wanting to pass up the turkey, he shot the ramrod at it. The ramrod split the limb where the turkey sat and as it clamped together again, the toes of the turkey were caught in the limb. So he climbed the tree, killed the turkey and proceeded to look for his ramrod. He spotted it out in the middle of the pond quivering. He waded out to get the ramrod and there was a ten pound catfish on the other end. He was so proud he popped a button off his overalls and it hit a rabbit hopping by and killed it.
Here's another story: Someone went to visit the Wright's one day in the rain and there, inside, sat one of the brothers under an implement umbrella. In the Wright dialect he said, "This is the durndest house! It rains an hour longer on the inside after it's quit raining outside!"
Thanks for capturing them and their music.

Linn, Missouri

As a former Missouri boy, your articles certainly bring back some good memories. Memories of some very hard work at times, but usually enjoyable. The times not so enjoyable, such as pitching loose hay onto the wagon then into the barn, were always compensated by some good times such as town picnics and fairs, church groups, etc.
The effort by your people at Lebanon High School is admirable and demands a great respect for young people willing to work so hard beyond the "call of duty."
Keep up the good work.

Jim Hudson
West Simsbury, Connecticut

A couple years ago my mother introduced me to your lovely magazine by subscribing to it for me. Subsequently I became part of a class teaching teachers to work with the gifted. One session reminded me of the Bittersweet magazines I had at home and so I collected them and took them to class. The teacher to whom I loaned them said she is so impressed she really doesn't want to give them back. Her statement was that she had read FOXFIRE 6, but she can read the teacher coming through loud and clear. With your magazine she has the impression it really is written by students. Maybe her students at Cameron High School will be able to start a similar magazine but about rural West Virginia.

Karen Mitchell
Martinsville, W. Virginia


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