Volume X, No. 1, Fall 1982

Treasures Of Time

Treasures of time,

Waiting to be found

In the homes of yesteryear

Still standing on the ground.

Memories are their treasures

As we go inside to view,

To try and see into the past,

to see the old still in the new.

Old and majestically standing,

Proud of their right to remain.

Searching for their secrets,

We go walking hand in hand.

Hand in hand,

We walk with time.

And these buildings,

from long ago,

are constructed in my mind.

by Daniel Hough

by James Heck


Forgotten are their existence

By many who wandered on.

They sometimes look back in time,

But they never linger long.

Houses filled with echoes,

From laughter of children's play,

You can almost sit and listen,

To what they had to say.

Musty smells from yesterday,

A yesterday long gone by.

Stalls are empty of all but dust,

the hinges are held together with rust.

This is what is left,

of the heritage we all love,

And maybe it will be preserved in time

with help from up above.

          ---Cherie Burns

by Larry Doyle

by Mary Schmalstig

by Mary Schmalstig

by Ruth Massey


Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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