Volume X, No. 1, Fall 1982

Publisher's Information

Story Lisa Goss
Photography Allen Gage
Publicity Sheila Jones
Art Cindy Lee
Kirsten Ksara Vickie Hooper
Jeff Zander Tammie Griffin
Cindy Lee John Williams
Dena Myers Suzanne Cotrel
Anne Hall Lea Ann Ruble
Tom Knapp Beth Anne Burwell
Melanie Stubblefield
Ellen Gray Massey
Delilah Amos Shotts
James Heck Deidra Morgan
Gail Hodges Cherie Burns
Jill Splan Dwayne Sherrer
Carl Davis Chris Cotrel
Terri Heck Gina Jennings
Scott Jeffries
James Baldwin
Ellen Massey
Dalton Wright
George Kastler
Lisa Goss
President Ellen Massey
Vice President Ted Maydew
Secretary Kirsten Ksara
Asst. Secretary Vickie Hooper
Treasurer Sheila Jones

BITTERSWEET, a special English class of students grades ten through twelve at Lebanon High School, hopes to capture the lore, crafts, traditions and culture of the Ozark people and to portray characteristics of the land which have influenced their life and development.


Ralph Gray, Editor, National Geographic World Gaithersburg, Maryland

Bill Strachan, Editor, Viking Press New York, New York

Murry Durst, Center Director Inland Empire Job Corps Center, San Bernadino, California

Ben F. Nelms, Professor of English Education, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

James C. Kirkpatrick, Secretary of State Jefferson City, Missouri

Russel Gerlach, Assoc. Professor of Geography Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri

Gordon McCann, President, Springfield Blueprint and Photocopy Company, Inc. Springfield, Missouri

D.B. Mabry, Editor, Crossties, St. Louis, Missouri

Paul (Pete) Page, State Representative, Lebanon, Missouri

Wallace Earp, Former Mayor

Retired, Lebanon, Missouri Esther Griffin, Homemaker, Lebanon, Missouri

Susan Carr, Vice-President, Independent Stave Co., Lebanon, Missouri

Cleo Long, Retired Teacher, Lebanon, Missouri

Lois Beard, Journalist, Conway, Missouri

Morris Hill, Agent, Independent Insurance Agency, Lebanon, Missouri

Bittersweet is published quarterly by BITTERSWEET, INC., a special class at Lebanon High School, 777 Brice Street, Lebanon, Missouri 65536. Circulation is by subscription and newsstand. Subscriptions are $8.00 a year, single copies $2.50. Back issues are available. All unsolicited manuscripts must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. We welcome letters and assume we may use them in our magazine. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any form, except for brief excerpts for review purposes, without the consent of the editors of Bittersweet.

Second class postage paid at Lebanon, Missouri 65536 (ISSN0097-8884)

Return Requested.

Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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