Volume I, No. 3, Spring 1974

Introducing Our Staff


The talents of the creative arts personnel of our magazine are constantly being drawn upon for photographs and art work. Art and photography must be attractive, interesting, and communicate to the reader what the writer is saying. These criteria necessitate the creative arts people being the very best. We have no reservations in saying, "Our people meet and exceed these requirements."

The head of our photography department is Robert McKenzie. Robert contributes more than just photos to BITTERSWEET. "Our" darkroom is at his house. He readily brings his own camera when another is needed. He has taken many pictures in his spare time that are catalogued for possible use in the future. Robert is the only staff member who had had real photography experience prior to BITTERSWEET. Our continual questions do not seem to faze him, though; he accepts them as though he had not already been asked fourteen different times.

Terry Tyre (right in photo above) is our art editor, and quite a good artist, as her work will testify. She is extroverted and good-natured. Involved in many extra-curricular activities, and a great horse lover (she helped research Fox trotting through the Ozarks), she still finds time to cheerfully and quickly do most of the artwork that we request of her.

Assistant art editor Jana Low is one of the few seemingly quiet people on the staff. She lends an aura of stability to an otherwise hectic classroom. Jana's art is the same way. She works carefully and slowly, making sure everything is precise, details exact. The finished product has a style that is perfect for BITTERSWEET.


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