Volume II, No. 3, Spring 1975

Introducing Our Staff


Although we added new members to the staff this year, it is the experience of returning staff that keeps the magazine running smoothly while the beginners learn. Three experienced editors vital in behind the scenes operations as well as their own numerous story and photographic contributions to Bittersweet since its beginning are Jenny Kelso, Suzanne Carr and Jim Baldwin.

One of Jim's specialities certainly seems to be music, not only because of his ability to play six instruments, but because of his contribution to Bittersweet. His stories on the mountain dulcimer and shape note singing with the accompanying sound sheets are examples of his knowledge and appreciation of many kinds of music. But Jim's interests are varied, as shown by the two articles he has co-authored in this issue, Milling Around the Ozarks and Ozark Caves III. Last year when we realized a need for a layout editor to coordinate and improve the appearance of Bittersweet, although the youngest member on the staff, he was the unanimous choice. His writing is precise and organized with every comma in place and he treats everyone else's work with the same precision.

As circulation editor Jenny (above) is probably the most consistantly busy of any staff member. Each day she heads immediately to the circulation desk to take care of the day's orders. This year she has handled almost single-handedly the mail, files, records, renewals and the increasingly greater correspondence with our subscribers, yet it is a rare occasion that she does not clear the desk of all business each day. Her gracious smile and fun loving personality belie the old adage that redheads have quick tempers.

Suzanne is business editor and also main typist. She does most of the final typing for the camera-ready layouts we send to the printer, like the words you are reading right now. When everyone simultaneously gives her the final drafts to type right away, she does not panic, but types steadily away, staying extra hours to finish. By working on both summer staffs, she has been able to contribute many features and specials, from collecting old-time cures and tall tales to baking with flour and meal ground by Ozark water mills appearing in this issue.


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