Volume II, No. 3, Spring 1975

So They Say

Compiled by Vicki Bench, Jenny Kelso and Genetta Seeligman

What are your thoughts after you've had a dream? Do you laugh at them or are you frightened of what could happen if they should come true? Many of the hill people out of the past did believe things resulted from dreaming, and for all we know dreams may really foretell unexpected or future happenings.

To dream of your future husband or wife, walk upstairs on three successive nights without speaking.

If you tell a dream before breakfast, it will come true.

To dream that the leaves fall to the ground yellow, means that there will be an epidemic in the town.

If a person dreams of a woman, it means that he will have happiness. If, however, her hair is disheveled, it means there will be death in the family.

If a person dreams that a tooth is being pulled without starting blood, it means that some member of his family is going to die. If it's a back tooth, the person will be of medium age. If it's a front tooth, the person will be young.

If a person dreams that he is eating white grapes, it means that it will surely rain the next day.

To dream of blood means that nothing will happen.

To dream of snakes brings bad luck.

If a person dreams that a large sore breaks and the matter is discharged, it means that he will be able to settle up all of his debts.

To dream of a leafless tree means it will rain the next day.

If a person dreams of a river, it means that something stands between him and his wishes.

Animals have always been part of our life, and many people even today feel that animals have a special significance in their lives.

If a bird flies into your house, there will be a death in your family.

Take off your right shoe and turn it upside down to drive away a screech owl.

Crows sitting in the field is a sign of good weather.

If a cock crows near a door, it means the arrival of a stranger.

When a cat washes its face it means company is coming.

It is unlucky to take the cat with you if you move to a new house.

A horse is worth $100 for every time he rolls completely over.

It is unlucky to change a horse's name.

If your plow trace comes unhitched at night while you are turning your mule at the end to take out, you will never live to hitch it again.

If a girl sees a redbird and can throw a kiss three times, and make a wish before the bird disappears from sight, her wish will come true.

A live snake put in a barrel of cider, will keep the cider from spoiling and keep it sweet.

It is lucky to take a horse through the house.


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