Volume III, No. 3, Spring 1976

Introducing Our Staff


Putting out a magazine like Bittersweet necessitates our staff getting into some places and activities not at all characteristic of the traditional classroom. Since we must have subscribers to exist, we are always searching for new ideas for publicity, such as having booths at arts and crafts shows and fairs whenever we can. To make our presence known there Alexa came up with the idea of giving balloons to the children. So she and Nancy did a land office business finger painting our name on balloons.

The balloon business, however, was only a temporary sideline for Alexa Hoke, art editor, whose industry and talents are evident in every issue during the two years she's been on the staff. Her drawings and sketches vary from full page detailed drawing of a water wheel (Spring, 1975) to the smallest diagram showing a spinning technique. Her interest in crafts is evident in the carding and spinning articles she has written (Summer, 1975) and the rag rug weaving feature in a future issue. She plans to continue studying art in college.

Another steady but quiet artist whose name is on many drawings and sketches as well as several stories in the last two years is our layout editor, Nancy Honssinger. Some of Nancy's stories are "Various Vittles, (Vol. III), "Country Kitchens" (Spring, 1975) and "Wild Greens" (page 52). No one on the staff is as fast as she is whether it is transcribing tapes or addressing labels. No one else has come near her transcribing record--going on an interview in the afternoon, and completely transcribing an hour's tape before class next day. She plans to attend Cottey College and major in art or library science.

Always ready to go on errands, interviews, photography assignments--any place away from the classroon--is Larry Doyle. He is in his element on the river, exploring caves (Spring, 1975) or rappelling. With these outdoor interests and his artistic temperament, he became fascinated with photography when he joined the staff last year. He is now photography editor in charge of taking pictures. He hopes to further this interest after graduation by attending photography school.

Nancy Honssinger working on her story on wild greens.

Alexa Hoke giving away balloons at the BITTERSWEET booth at Bennett Springs Hillbilly Days last summer.

Larry Doyle taking pictures at a favorite spot on the Osage Fork River.


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