Volume IV, No. 3, Spring 1977


Compiled by Kathy Hawk

Have a sore throat? Then try taking a big swallow of rendered skunk oil. Though this may sound a little strange, skunk oil was actually used by families who did not have a doctor to treat their illnesses. Many of the home remedies used generations ago seemed worse than the sickness. Even so they were still used to get rid of those every day sicknesses.

For a COUGH squeeze two lemons and mix with two tablespoons of honey. Drink the mixture. Or take a lick of salt.

Salt also had another use. Gargle hot salt water for a SORE THROAT.

Cider, vinegar and honey mixed together is also good for a COUGH.

Make a poultice by chopping up some onions in small pieces and put on a cloth. Put the cloth on your chest and it will help to get rid of a COLD.

For a CHEST COLD heat together turpentine, coal oil and grease. When it is hot, dip a cloth (preferably wool) in the mixture and pin it on the inside of your clothing. This should relieve you of your chest cold. Your friends may not like the smell but it will do the job.

Straight turpentine put on CUTS and SCRAPES helps them to heal and keeps out infection.

Kerosene also makes a splendid DISINFECTANT. It keeps the wound or inflammation from festering and prevents lock jaw.

For a SORE put Crisco on the raw place, but keep it oily so it doesn't form a scab.

Also for a SORE, mix a small amount of sulphur in grease, enough to make a paste, and apply. This also works for an ITCH.

For an EAR ACHE find the little black beetle that lives in rotten logs and break it in two. There is one drop of liquid in it. Put that in the ear and it will stop aching.

A small piece of fat meat bound on a BOIL will soon draw it to a head.

For a SPRAINED ANKLE, soak two brown paper bags in cider apple vinegar and apply it hot to the ankle. This reduces the swelling and relieves pain.

Although colds and injuries were most common, many people still worried about their blood, asthma, not being able to get to sleep and other assorted illnesses.

Take molasses and sulphur to CLEAN THE BLOOD of all impurities.

Sassafras tea thins the blood for GOOD CIRCULATION.

For ASTHMA make a strong solution of saltpeter. Saturate pieces of blotting paper in this and dry. When an attack is felt, burn a piece of paper and inhale the smoke.

If you find it hard to BREATH, take a tablespoon of honey to clear your breathing tract.

If you have trouble SLEEPING, mix three teaspoons of vinegar and one cup of honey. Take two teaspoons full before going to bed.

Pour coal oil on a SNAKE BITE.

A teaspoon of sugar taken by itself is the best thing for HICCOUGHS.

A teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of turpentine will get rid of PIN WORMS. Another remedy was a strong tea made from quasha chips injected into the. rectum.

For WARTS rub either caster oil or stump water on the wart.

For POISON IVY, mix copperas, which can be purchased at a drug store, with water. It just takes two applications. The mixture burns but does the job fast.


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