Volume IV, No. 3, Spring 1977

Introducing Our Staff

People who say young people today won't dedicate themselves for long periods surely don't know the three seniors on our staff this year. All three have returned three years to work on Bittersweet. Each has spent two class hours each year and untold other hours including summers and holidays working on their story assignments or editorial responsibilities.

Caryn Rader heads straight for the circulation desk each day eager to get to the day's mail and orders. She works quickly and efficiently to find some class time for her own writing. She is presently doing research on cosmetics and grooming of long ago. Though it took her all year to finish, probably her most enjoyable stories so far have been the two on quilting. To be able to write better directions, she made a quilt herself. The careful planning, research and writing paid off, for we've received many comments on the series which came out in the fall and is continued this issue. But Caryn had another motive for making the quilt. She plans to put it in her hope chest to have ready when she marries.

Donna Scott is our fiction writer as evidenced by her diaries of a young woman in the 1830's (see "It's a Brush Arbor Meeting," Fall, 1975, p. 18 and "A Home for the Two of Us," Winter, 1975, p. 12) Usually very quiet she has definite opinions and ideas so different from the rest of us that we usually stop to listen. When she first came on the staff she was usually outvoted, but lately she's often with the majority. We don't know if she has come to our way of thinking, or (more likely) we are gradually seeing her point. Her newsy editorials help our readers get acquainted with her while she's working on a feature on meadow mice. She plans to attend a Bible college.

Mike Doolin is concerned about the people he's with, noticing if they seem worried or strained. Always cheerful and polite, he would never do or say anything to hurt anyone's feelings or cause any unpleasantness. He is good to have around either helping us in Bittersweet office or greeting customers at the gas station where he works. Happiest when on the go, he enjoys out-of-door and photography assignments. His first introduction to Bittersweet was in 1974 when he got involved in the series of articles on caves. He has followed that with coon hunting, floating the rivers, learning about mules and now spring houses, which will be in the next issue. He plans to work his way through college at the School of the Ozarks.

Mike Doolin on a silo.

Donna playing with Gabriel.

Caryn piecing a quilt.


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