Volume V, No. 3, Spring 1978

Introducing the staff

As the years go by we obviously work with more and more young people. But in a class like Bittersweet, the boys and girls never become lost in mere numbers. Their work is so individual, so important and vital to the whole product, and the magazine is so dependent on the responsibility, dependibility, willingness and talents of each single member, that each person influences the character of our magazine. Without any given staff member over the years, the magazine would not be the same. That statement can certainly be said of the two seniors' introduced on this page.

The quality and character of the photography would surely be different without Stephen Ludwig. One wonders if the reason his hair stays so blond is because of his many hours in the darkroom. For the past three years he has worked with photography, being editor in charge of all work for the last two.

His photographs have been in almost every issue since he joined the staff in 1975 and will undoubtedly be in several yet to be published. Some of his written work has been about white oak baskets, coyotes, Ozark rivers and iron mining. He is currently working on a feature about the German heritage in the Ozarks, since his blond hair actually was inherited from his German ancestors who settled in central Missouri in 1851. Steve plans to attend the University of Missouri at Rolla and-major in computer science.

Gala Morrow caused Bittersweet to do a series of features on children's playtime. Being interested in what children did for amusement long ago, she planned to write one article, but found the subject so involved she wrote and illustrated three. The one on "Child's Play" led to a full article on Kewpie dolls as well as the one in this issue on homemade toys, "Better Than Store-Bought," page 53. Other staff members are continuing the research into other kinds of dolls for later issues. Her two years on the staff have contributed more than her writing talents. This issue also has some of her illustrations, especially the front cover--the first colored artwork we have used on the cover. From being art editor, she is currently story editor, her leadership of the entire staff further imprinting her influence on Bittersweet. Gala plans to spend the summer in California, and then attend college at the School of the Ozarks to major in art education. She hopes to continue living in the Ozarks.

Stephen Ludwig is preparing to photograph the old iron bridge at Osceola, Missouri. (by Daniel Hough)

Gala Morrow is caught in a thoughtful mood while filing her latest photographs. (by Lance Collins)


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