Volume VI, No. 3, Spring 1979



It seems good things come in threes. This is the third year these three seniors have worked on Bittersweet. By staying on the staff for their entire senior high years, they have joined a rather elite group of people. Only eight previous staff members have equalled the record of Vickie Massey, Darrell Pollock and Angela Hancock.

Readers of Bittersweet have seen Vickie's name on several stories and photographs in the past three years. Some of her writings have been on blackberry wine, china head dolls and personality features on several people, including in this issue on page 34, her own grandfather, Homer Massey. Being story editor this year she has been a big influence to newer staff members. Vickie wants to learn as much as she can and has worked with photography, has designed the layouts of many stories and has worked with business and circulation. She plans to attend the university of Missouri and is interested in medicine.

The room brightens up when Darrell enters for he always has something cheerful and witty to say. But he gets down to business. When he has material to work on, he ignores the constant congestion necessitated by all twenty of us working on vastly different projects in our overcrowded room. If his draft is due, he finds a corner to work. His stories have been about homemade ice houses, fruit cellars and on page 64, a photo essay on mailboxes. He plans to attend college and go into business or perhaps some journalistic field.

Sometimes the kids will team up to research and write their stories together. So did Angela for her first story on cotton feed sacks. But on her later features, she has learned she can write better alone. Last spring she did a terrific job organizing the material on the Civil War battle at Wilson Creek. In this issue on page 58, the story, "We've Still Got Some Stuggling To Go," is one she wrote herself after she and a friend did the research. Much of her contribution doesn't show in the magazine for her activities have been with business and circulation. She and other staff members working on these jobs make sure readers get their magazines and we get the money from subscriptions and sales to keep operating. Angela plans to attend Drury College.

Vickie is the one on top!

Darrell enjoys photography.

Angela delivers magazines. (All by Lance Collins)


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