Volume VII, No. 3, Spring 1980


If you have noticed any improvement in our layout designs in the past couple of years, you can give part of the credit to three senior girls on the layout committee. All staff members do their own layouts if they want, getting ideas and help from the layout committee. Several years ago we did not spend much time on this aspect, but we have learned that the readability of the articles and its appeal depend on page design as well as content. Rebecca Baldwin, Lea Ann Anderson and Mary Day, layout editor, have all helped us to a more professional appearance.

In addition to layouts, Becky has been involved in other aspects of the magazine. She has published stories on ragtime, a typical vanished Ozark river community of Corkery, play party games and the informal views of our staff on the inside front covers of the past few issues. A third year member, she is presently publicity editor. Outgoing and cheerful, she is active in so many organizations at school and in the community that we wonder how she manages them all. Sometimes she wonders, too. In fact, she often gets behind, but nearly always manages to do everything before it is too late. She plans to attend college, probably the University of Missouri-Columbia and is leaning toward majoring in the communication fields of radio and television.

Lea Ann also has many interests--music, basketball, and art, but especially animals. If you read in the winter issue her tale of woe about getting information for her story on buzzards, you will know only someone genuinely interested and determined would stay with it. She has contributed drawings, poetry and a feature on how to cut up a chicken, in addition to doing layouts on several other stories. She plans to attend Southwest Missouri State University and take a pre-veterinarian program.

Mary's great interest is music, which is natural since she is from a musical family. She sings and plays trombone and piano in school jazz and combo bands as well as the Lebanon Community Band. Es-thetically inclined, it is natural for her to help with art work and design. She has written a personality story on Clara Alexander and her house made of mud, and she is currently working on a feature on barns. Her ever-present smile and cheerful greeting each day helps the rest of us look on the sweeter side of our jobs. She plans to attend the School of the Ozarks to study for a career in mass media or journalism.

From left to right, Rebecca Baldwin, Lea Ann Anderson and Mary Day discuss the most eye pleasing layout design for a double page spread of the story on Canadian geese in this issue. (by Mary Schmalstig)


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