Volume VIII, No. 3, Spring 1981

Introducing the Staff

Both senior boys have been on the staff for three years, working with publicity, photography and business.

Todd Waterman is publicity editor. He and his committee were exceptionally busy during the late fall with our big christmas promotion to try to increase magazine subscriptions and sales of our book, Bittersweet Country. Now he is busy once again in conducting a spring promotion. He is currently working on an article about split rail fences. His first story was rafting hand-hewn railroad ties down the rivers to market (Winter 1979). His favorite story was noodling (Fall 1980). It is logical he enjoyed that topic because he hunts, traps and fishes whenever he can. The subject of noodling, or hand fishing, appealed to him--not for him to try, because it is illegal as well as dangerous--but because it is an unusual way of fishing. The experience in Bittersweet which he has enjoyed the most has been talking with the older people. He also thinks he has learned a lot from the mistakes he has made, such as dropping a camera lens off a ninety foot water tower, and not loading his camera properly so that he didn't get a single picture on one of his interviews. Todd plans to go to college, but is undecided on the field of study.

Gerry Darnell has enjoyed working on the business committee keeping records. One of his possible choices of majors in college is in accounting. But he is also quite interested in mass communications and is considering that field when he goes to Southwest Missouri State University next fall. Besides his work in communications in Bittersweet, he has been active in dramatic work at the high school and has had practical experience as an amateur radio operator and as a disc jockey on local radio station KJEL. His range of story topics for Bittersweet has been quite broad. His first story was on the infamous Baldknobbers in southern Missouri (Summer 1980). Currently he is working on a feature about a local cave which was inhabited 10,000 years ago as evidenced by the archeological dig there. But his favorite topic he has helped with was the old Model T car (Winter 1980). He and others working on the story cleaned a couple of cars which they finally coaxed into starting. Gerry was cranking with no success when Gene Chambers said to him, "Crank 'er till she boils." And miraculously, the old car came to life.

Todd Waterman,

Gerry Darnell Photos by Gina Jennings and Mary Schmalstig


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