Volume IX, No. 3, Spring 1982


My subscription to your magazine was a gift from my granddaughter. I have never received a gift I treasure more. I really look forward to them and take very good care of each issue. Your lovely book of the favorites was also a gift I enjoy a lot.
I hope a lot of you will have the joy of making a living as writers. I worked at our daily paper here in Independence for many years and loved every minute of it. Even the middle of the night hours I spent doing feature stories. There was never enough time at the office to tell about all the people I felt I needed to write about.

Mrs. Frank Corlies
Independence, Missouri

We have enjoyed your magazine so much and feel the quality of your journalistic efforts is quite superior. (Keep the issues coming, please.) Reading an issue of Bittersweet is a walk down memory lane for I grew up in Lebanon and graduated from L.H.S. I have met some of your featured individuals (my father hunted with Ancil Barber) and many other names in your articles sound familiar. Indeed, Bittersweet turns my supper table Ozark yarns into a bit of by-gone reality for my children. Yeah for you!

Judith Hurst Ehrler
Wilton, Connecticut

While visiting relatives and friends in my "Native State" of Missouri I was introduced to Bittersweet, winter 1981, and never before have I had such enjoyable reading.
I especially enjoyed, "I don't Never Want to Turn Back the Pages" for Jim Chastain recalls events just as I do during my first 23 years of growing up at Foose, Missouri (1915-1938).
Although I have lived in california for the past 43 years I always look forward to my annual visit to the "Home Land" in November and December. Why November and December? That is the "Most Fun Times" in the Ozarks!! Like rabbit and squirrel hunting, gathering nuts, persimmons, black haws, etc. These are a part of my heritage I shall never forget.
My subscription order will insure continued enjoyment of reading your magazine.
Keep up the good work!! All of the articles truly warmed the heart of this, "Misplaced Ozark Hill-Billy"

Roy E. Hoffman
Oxnard, California

I do want to tell you that I really enjoy your magazine. I am a native of Missouri. I was born in Missouri 88 years ago. And have spent at least 70 years of that time in Missouri, however not in the same place. I have done a lot of moving around. I have seen lots of changes in my time. I couldn't have lived at a more interesting and exciting time. I have seen and experienced lots of the things I read about in Bittersweet, and appreciate what you are doing

Mary F. Brown
Aurora, Missouri


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