Volume IX, No. 3, Spring 1982

Introducing the Staff

The three seniors introduced this time show the versatility of Bittersweet staff members. The talents and experiences of these three are all quite different, and it just happens that they seldom work on the same story or committee assignments. This is the second year for Dwayne Sherrer and Deidra Morgan, but the third for Chris Cotrel.

Dwayne is capably filling the position of story editor this semester, after being publicity editor last semester. Always pleasant and never rattled or distracted no matter how much activity is going on all around him, in his first year and a half he has produced two long and involved stories covering a total of forty-two printed pages in Bittersweet. Most people work on one personality at a time. Dwayne combined three people into his first story on Lon, Jule and Norman Wright as well as doing a section on their music (Summer 1981). Pleased with his first feature, he next chose to do a story on sawmills, a topic requiring a completely different kind of writing and research technique. He was interested in the subject because his grandfather ran a sawmill. This story is in this issue. These two stories have heightened his interest in people and writing. He hopes to attend college and perhaps go into journalism.

Deidra also would like to go to college in some aspect of writing, but she may work awhile first. Her favorite thing about Bittersweet is meeting people from all over the world at talks, booths and interviews which we conduct. She's always the first to volunteer on any promotional work, writing news items, radio and TV spots. A good organizer and leader, she was elected art editor this year. "I like the closeness of the staff," she said. "It's almost like one big family where everyone gets along." She has not failed to get a recipe column in every issue since she's been on the staff. Her first major story was fox hunting (Fall 1981). She is presently working on a detailed feature on the early surveyors in the Ozarks. "Both stories are exciting to work on," she said. "The fox hunt story was easier because my dad is a foxhunter. I didn't know anything about surveying."

Chris also enjoys meeting people on interviews. "That's the most fun," he said. "I was quiet before, but after going on interviews, I can talk to strangers. Operating booths where we sell magazines and books is also fun." Of all the interviews he's been on, the one that stands out most is the one on branding cattle. "There was lots of action and it was exciting," he said. His story on that will appear soon in Bittersweet. In his first year he did some work on how geographical places got their names. He plans to attend Southwest Missouri State University and study engineering.

Deidra Morgan is busy looking through a surveying transite. Photo by Lisa Goss.

Chris Cotrel ( left) and Dwayne Sherrer are discussing the parts of a saw. Photo by Allen Gage.


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